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Friday, June 8, 2007

Breakfast with Kobe

Ever since we have moved into this house Kobe has had his OWN spot at the counter. The house came with this crazy old swivel counter chair that Kobe loves. The past few mornings Kobe will tell me he is hungery and while I make him breakfast he sits down with this little activity pad and works on it until his food is done. I think school may have rubbed off on him!


Wentzel Weekly said...

very cute:)! Kendra would love that too! We went downtown today, and she wanted to sit in the tall barstool like chairs at the restaurant:). I want to get some bar stools for our bar here at our house too.
Kendra loved seeing Kobe in his jammies:). As soon as she sees him in pictures she gets so excited still. And he is the first one everytime that she points to in our family picture from Christmas that I have framed. Yes, even before herself:)!lol

Leah Wentzel said...

That is neat, I think it is so great to have the kids be able to get to know each other when we are so far apart. Kobe always checks out Kendra in pictures too, he is very aware or her, asks about her, talks about her, it is nice.