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Thursday, June 7, 2007


Well, these are kind of useless facts but this is my blog so I suppose you are my captive audience and I can post anything no matter how useless.

#1. it is 90 degrees outside and it isn't even hot enough in my house to turn on the air, except for MAYBE in the family room. But it isn't HOT it is just a little warm.

#2. I called our apartment complex and they said they have someone schedualed to take over our lease around July 13th which is AWESOME for two reasons.
a. That will save us around $2500
b. We have the pool until then

so Yea!


Shelly Marie said...

Oh good!!! I am glad that someone is renting your appt, but we will miss the pool!! =)

Wentzel Weekly said...

I love good news:)!

Leah Wentzel said...

I will miss the pool TERRIBLY too! Hopefully Ben and I will be up to putting one in at our house next year!!! We are such pool fans I think it will end up on the neccessity list if it becomes a possiblity!