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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"How many days until my birthday?"

Ever since Griffin turned six I have heard the question "How many days until my birthday?" about 4, 357 times.  I counted.  So, I had Ben make Kobe a chart so he could see how far away his birthday is and so he could mark off the days.  Ben even put at the top of each day how many days were left until Kobe's birthday.  It is a beautiful thing.
And, by popular demand, here is a picture of the finished product from our yarn/glue mess.  See, it holds eggs.  That was definitely worth all the glue all over the dining room table!  And yes, last night Kobe talked Ben and I into letting him color some eggs.  Over the past couple years I have noticed that we color Easter Eggs at least twice per Easter.  Maybe that is one of the perks to being an only child.  My mom never let us color eggs twice....


cindy said...

I love it! How is Ben feeling. Dad thought he sound like he didn't feel good last night. I love the calendar and the bowl is so cool. It is so much fun to do crafts with the kids. I went to Joanne's to find boy stickers :) I love spending one on one time with the grandkids. Just wish we could do it with alllll of them. BUt in GOds time, not mine. I hope you have a wonderful day. I love you.
Hugs and Kisses,
PS Looks like they are getting our insurance mess fixed soon.

Lindsay said...

The bowl turned out really cute! That was a great idea about the calendar- maybe now he won't ask you as much. I used to do that with kids I nannied for! Love ya

Alyssa said...

LOVE charts to help:)! Very cool! I should do that for Kendra now too. We made those bowls in my class once. Notice I said once:0 LOL!! They are fun for the kids. Very cute finished product too. We also made them on top of balloons, and then popped the balloon, and had a homemade Easter basket that way too. You just cut the top of it off when you are done. It is fun. Or, you can leave it in the balloon shape to make "eggs".
Gram is on her way. Wish we could all be together too, Cindy! We miss you all so much. Gram sends our hugs with her:).

Love you!

Vicki Aeschliman said...

It looks like a robins nest with those eggs. Very cool.

Shelly Marie said...

That did turn out pretty cool!!! I can't believe Kobe will be six this year!!! Yikes!! Our Kids are getting so big and so fast!! =)

gram said...

Kobe's birthday will be here before we know it. Time goes so fast. It does not seem possible he will be six. Love ya, Looking forward to seeing all of you. Love Gram