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Thursday, March 6, 2008

This what I get for dragging Ben into Pottery Barn Kids

Once upon a time I met a man and married him.
Then we made a baby together.
From then on this is what shopping has been like for me.  (By the way, they got the sales lady to take this picture of them)
And then the baby turned into Donald Trump Jr. apparently.  And thought it was so funny.
The End.

Also, Happy 31st Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad Wentzel.  It was yesterday but have fun in Frankenmuth  today!!!


cindy said...

That is so FUNNY! Ben is an awesome daddy! We are off to frankenmuth and BRONNERS YEAH!!! Poor dad ;) How is Kobe doing is he feeling better? Yesterday my tummy felt funny Dr kept giving me tums and I feel better today. I just love my job!!!! Now for the important question are you going to youth group or staying home? Would you please call us and let us know your plans so we know what time to be home. :)
Love you bunches,

Alyssa said...

That is great! Love it! Love Pottery Barn Kids too:)! Sounds like fun.

Hope you guys have a great day today. It is raining here today...yuck! That just helps me stay inside to get things done though:).

Love you guys! Have a great day and weekend!

Lindsay said...

Cute pictures Leah! You guys have a good weekend to! Love ya

Shelly Marie said...

That is funny!!! I guess I really need to cut Kobe's hair!!! lol Sorry I forgot to do it last sunday!!! =] Hope you had a great day!!! love ya

cindy said...

Well, I had to do it, I love the picture of Ben so much it is now on my desktop! Sorry Ben, but it makes me smile!!!
Love you all,
Mom and Kobes Grandma

Leah Wentzel said...

lol, Ben will love to hear that Cindy :)

At least it is Easter-y right?

gram said...

Love the pictures. No wonder Cindy did not answer her cell phone. Cindy must be lost in Bronners. Love ya, Gram

Lindsay said...

That picture of Kobe cracks me up!