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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Manic Monday

Some days you just have to laugh about.  You know that if you try to plan anything there is no point, something will inevitably go wrong.  Other days you have a feeling they are going to be absolutely crazy but God will make it all work out-some how.

Monday was one of those days.  I knew in order to get everything done in the amount of time I had on Monday I would have to be open to watching how God would work it all out-not how I would work it all out.

Sunday was the super bowl.  We had invited a couple people over.  So you just know that is right when 2 funeral homes would call me and say they had videos for me to pick up, with out any warning I might add, that they needed done for the next day.  

One was easy enough-that funeral home is about 5 minutes from our house.

The other funeral home was in Royal Oak.  

They both called me within minutes of each other, around 3:30 pm, to let me know they would have people dropping pictures off soon.  If they would have had the pictures right then it would have made things easier but of course the families wanted to drop them off right around kick off time.  Nice.

So, I decided to deal with it when I could.  Everything went fine, around half time most of our guests took off and Ben offered to go get the pictures from the funeral home that was closest to us because I decided the funeral home in Royal Oak would just have to wait until the next morning.  They didn't need the video done until 4 pm, so that would just have to work itself out.  Royal Oak is 50 minutes from our house, so driving 2 hours that evening was just not going to work.

I guess I haven't mentioned yet that I had to take my sister to her doctor appt the next day as well down in Rochester.  She isn't allowed to drive yet because of her seizure so I take her once in a while.  I didn't want to cancel on her because that is a pain, plus I like seeing her.  So, I had to work that in too.

Anyway, at half time Ben went and picked up the first set of pictures and that night I did the video.  I was up until 1 am but got it all done.  The next morning I got Kobe up and managed to drop off that completed video before I took Kobe to school and still managed to make it to the school on time while hitting EVERY RED LIGHT BETWEEN THE FUNERAL HOME AND HIS SCHOOL.  As I pulled in on time I said Thank You Lord!  Please order my steps the rest of today!!!  

After dropping off Kobe I drove straight to my sister's house.  About a 40 minute drive.  My sister and david hopped in the car and we sped off in hopes that I could pick up the pictures from the funeral home before her appt.

We got to the funeral home, grabbed the pictures and made it to the doctor appt. 10-15 min. early.  So good so far!

Keep in mind I still have to make this video and get it back by 4 pm.

We leave Bobbie's appt and I take her home.  We get there around 11:15 am.  I say good bye and hop in my car.  About a 1/3 of the way down her drive way it happens.  For reasons I still don't understand, in a matter of seconds, I am off the drive way and stuck!!  What just happened!?!  So I try to back up back on the driveway but of course that isn't working!  I go forwards a little bit and then back, no luck. 

 As I am trying to work my car out of the snow with out getting it more stuck I remembered something Dave had said.  He too got stuck in their drive way and said, "I couldn't go backward so I just went forward."  

So now I was faced with an option, risk getting stuck so far out in their front yard that a tow truck couldn't get me out at all or call a tow truck right now.  Well, quite frankly I didn't have time for a tow truck so I threw my car into 4 wheel drive low and went forward, thru at least a foot of snow, and it didn't get stuck.  I could almost feel God's hands pushing my jeep forward as I made a big loop through the front yard and back up onto the lower part of the drive way. 

I made it!  I was really happy because I did not have time to be stuck today.

So, after that I ran home, made the video, picked Kobe up from school and started to make my way to Royal Oak, finished video in hand.  Then I called Ben.  

This was the day that Ben was supposed to get him TB test read and he had forgotten the paper he needed to get filled out for our agency.  Luckily he called BEFORE I went past our house and I swung in and grabbed it.

I then drove down to Royal Oak, got there around 3:30 pm (I MADE IT!!!) and then took Ben his paper and went with him to his appt so Kobe and I could see him.  

Kobe and I arrived home around 5 pm and I could believe I had gotten everything finished that I needed to, God you are so Good!!!

If you actually are all the way to the end of this story I am shocked.  This is even a little long for me to read :)


gram said...

Wow, I don't think I am busy at all when I read all you had to do and you made it through. God is great. I love how you and Ben and Kobe are a team and together you can get though anything, Great job!!

Ben said...

I read the whole thing without skimming.:) God is good. He always helps you do the impossible!

Alyssa said...

I can totally relate to that one:). I had a day like that today, but then, I do have those often:) LOL Life is fun, huh? I wouldn't have it any other way, and I know you wouldn't either.

God is so good!! Love you:)

Vicki Aeschliman said...

I enjoyed reading it. I didn't even miss a word.