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Saturday, July 4, 2009

I have chocolate in my eye.

In current news:

Kobe had his first sleep over at a friends house on Thursday!  He had so much fun.  It wasn't really planned-he went over to his friend's house to play and then he called and asked if he could spend the night and we decided to let him.  He did very well and we didn't have to go pick him up at midnight so I guess it was a success!  :)

I can't believe he is old enough to be doing that but he is.  Soon I will have to post pictures of Kobe's front tooth that is coming in-it is so cute!

Savannah is doing great.  She is more clingy now with me (as if she wasn't to begin with).  The first week we had her she went into the church nursery just fine, the second week it was my turn to work in there so she just stayed with me and the third week was a no go-as in, she wasn't go to let me leave her in there.  She also now wants me to hold her if my keys are in my hand at all times, I suppose it is her way of not getting left.  Smart girl.

Ben and I are doing our best to not feed into a lot of her behavior that is not going to fly around here.  

#1.  She has to obey.  

We have been Nanny 911ing it around here.  Time outs are a regular thing around here-not because she is all the sudden terrible, she just finally got comfortable enough to act like a normal 2 year old and had about 3 days of REALLY testing our limits.  I am happy to announce she did not win and she is doing great learning how we expect her to behave.

#2.  She is not allowed to manipulate us.

Savannah is very shy.  Most people that know her most likely think she can probably only say 5 words.  This is SO not the case.  This girl can talk!  She will mimic ALMOST any word I ask her to say and knows what EVERY ONE is saying.  She is very smart but uses her lack of talking to try to control the situation.  Right now we are working on her being more verbal for the most part just at home right now.  Pointing and whining at something doesn't work around here.  She has to say "please, cup" for example if she wants her sippy cup, just pointing at it and whining isn't something we are going to continue to let her do.  She still does it for almost everything, but we tell her how to ask for it and to say "please" and she will do it.

#3.  After she is bad she has to say "sorry" verbally.

The first few weeks she was here I let her get away without verbally saying it.  Then one day I heard her mimic Kobe after he said "sorry" and it was all over.  I knew she could say it so I was all over her that day to say it, when appropriate, and I FINALLY got it out of her and now on a consistent basis she will say it. 

Having a 2 year old around 24/7 has made life a lot different than it was before she got here but it has worked out just fine so far.  Kobe's life has been about the same, he still gets to do everything he used to.  My work life has stayed the same, I am busy and manage to get everything done and Ben still works all the time and then comes home and plays with the kids :)

We love having her here, I love seeing Kobe "show her off" to people and I loving taking care of her and Ben loves the moments that she lets her guard down long enough to play with him and let him hold her.

Have a great 4th of July everyone!!!

*oh, gosh I forgot, the "I have chocolate in my eye" title is because last night I was holding Savannah letting her eat a kit kat and her hands both had chocolate all over them and when I stood up with her in my arms to take her to wash her hands ones of her hands went across my face and got chocolate on my face and even ON my contact!  That was a first!  Ben was laughing pretty hard :)


the johnson crew said...

you are an awesome mommy. :)

gram said...

You are doing a great job being a "mom". Kobe and Ben are also doing a great job. S. is learning good manners which is great.

Vicki Aeschliman said...

YOu were meant to do this. You are so doing a great job!

Becca B. said...

Don't think I've ever had chocolate in my eye either! Thats funny...sounds like things are going really great.