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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Because I can...

The past two days have been great.  Kobe is having a great time at school, S and I have been getting along, making a new daily routine (nap at noon, I love it!) and, in general, things have been pretty quiet around here.  That is a good thing :)

I have dubbed September 2009 "Get Things Done Around the House" month.  I am hoping to get some things done around here but I am not going to post a list, it would be too overwhelming!  lol.  Today I started with my bee & spider extermination - by me.  I like to torture them first.  I love bug spray and I am not too scared of bees or spiders so I just go ahead and do it myself.  We have a bee's nest in our roof that is driving me insane.  I can only imagine how huge this thing is by how many bees are going in and out of this thing all day.  Last weekend Ben sprayed them with Bee killer and then sealed up the crack they were going into the roof through.  Well, of course there was one teeny little whole we didn't seal up so they are still going in & out of that and have made it bigger.  Today I went out there with bee spray and would spray them when they would try to go in the whole and killed quite a few but I ran out of bug spray.  I then decided to torture them by spraying them with the hose and that did bother them, you know they whole "Mad as a wet hornet..." saying, well, apparently it does make them mad.  They started to dive bomb me so I quit.  No, I did not get strung.  Tonight I am sealing up their hole and hoping they won't be able to get out or back in.

Then there are the spiders, oh the lovely spiders.  I have a deep dark secret, they honestly don't bother me all that much.  I usually just sweep the webs out of any corners I see them hanging out in when ever I feel like it and kill the spiders by smashing them.  The basement is a little scary with all the spiders and the shed is just down right frightening, but as long as the ones in the basement leave me alone and don't mind me sweeping away their webs as well they didn't bother me either.  Until Friday.  Thursday night apparently a spider (or something) got into my bed and bit the back of my leg and at first it just itched.  They it got bigger.  And bigger.  AND BIGGER.  By the time it stopped spreading it was the size of my fist.  I have NEVER had an allergic reaction to anything.  So, I admit, I was very freaked out by this.  Thankfully it is almost gone now.  I thought I was going to have to go to the doctor but I didn't.  But, I have decided now that I hate spiders and they all must die.  Thank goodness for Spider spray.  I have started it in the basement and I hope it helps.  We'll see.

I have also decided that I am going to try to do more things around the house myself.  Yes, as you have seen, I have cleaned the gutters before by myself and lived to blog about it.  Yes, I did call my Dad over all by myself to fix our sump pump and then pretended to help him fix it and then convinced my self that, yes, holding the flash light for him was what fixed the sump pump.  But, I think I can do more.  I might be able to, I don't know, put some shelves in the basement to organize our storage.  I might be able to fill the hole in the back yard with dirt...myself.  I might even be able to WEED WACK THE YAR....well, let's not get too crazy.  But, I am going to do what I can BECAUSE I CAN!  

Just last weekend Ben put a beautiful need faucet in the kitchen for me because I needed it and this weekend he, yet again, mowed the lawn all by himself.  He does TONS around here, but with work he doesn't have the time I do to see every little thing I think needs to be done.

I do want to share with you one more thing that I did, BECAUSE I CAN.

I signed up here:

Survival Mode Parent

To be added to a list of names ready to help parents with kids in the PICU or NICU in my area with basic needs.  Laundry done, a meal made, ect.  Why?  Because I CAN.  I am so thankful that I have never been in either of those places, but if I was I know I would have the help from family that I would need to get through that time.  Can you imagine if you didn't?  So, I signed up.  From what I understand they just launched their website today and I am so excited that someone get this going.  It is great if you do this  for others in your church, but what about the people with no church family?  Anyway, I can, can you?


Alyssa said...

WOW! That was quite the blog with a lot to comment about :) You are one brave woman :) I HATE spiders and bees, and wouldn't want to mess with either. So good job! :)
I can't believe you had a bite that did that. YUCKY! So glad it went away!
The new volunteer thing you signed up for sounds great! I will have to read up on that for sure. I was actually talking with one of my girlfriends the other day about volunteering at the hospital to rock babies and take pics in the NICU for families who can't afford cameras etc. I will have to look into this program for sure. It may be just what I am looking for right now too :).
Love you, Leah! Miss you

spng7 said...

Sounds like you have been as busy as the spiders :) I have a suggestion for the ones in the basement .. if you have a place that you can get Osage oranges (they are getting ripe now and falling off the trees) you can put some in a bag like an onion bag and hang it in the basement. Spiders do not hang around where they are. You might have to hang more than one.

Vicki Aeschliman said...

I just love to read your thoughts. I diagnosed the mower that I broke because "I can" and then told Dave and he fixed it. I love to delegate! I also hate spiders and bees. We should start a club for those of us who hate them. They must die! Maybe we could add snakes to that list. Let us all know how your volunteering goes. LOve ya!

Lindsey said...

how terrifying! When we were living at the cottage, I would wake up with spider bites. I would try to tell myself that it was just a rash because there was nothing we could do about the spiders there....

Ben said...

Thank you for the disclaimer. I was worried that everyone would think I'm affraid of spiders and bees. :) I love you! YOUR Person

Shelly Marie said...

Well, I hate spiders and Bees. I really think you need to bug bomb the basement and the shed!! Then all you have to do is sweep them up and put then in the trash can!! That is what we do!! =) I hate spiders. I do torture bees by spraying them with water too!! =)lol
Let me know how all your volunteering goes!!!

gram said...

WOW,you have been busy. I have learned to do alot of things that I never had to do with grandpa gone.