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Friday, April 9, 2010

Coloring Easter Eggs

The Friday before Easter we colored Easter Eggs! The weather was so gorgeous that I decided (with three busy little people to deal with) that the driveway looked like a good place to deal with all that dye!

I had the kids all put on clothes that I didn't care about getting ruined so they could just go crazy. They each had about a dozen eggs to color. K did not remember ever coloring eggs before so both he and S didn't know exactly what was going on but once they did they were really into it.
My parents came over to color eggs with the kids. My dad shook his head and laughed about the whole time because S managed to drop/crack every one of her eggs. Every time she touched one you could hear it crack. It was pretty funny.
Kobe took the whole thing very seriously. He was very careful and Grandpa showed him how to dye half and egg one color and the other half another color.
S dyed most of her eggs pink. She is obsessed with pink. She calls every color pink and only wants pink juice and pink clothes and pink everything. I have never encouraged this, so seeing it come naturally is so cute to me. She is my girly girl.

I let the kids dye them how ever they wanted, how ever many TIMES they wanted. Then we put stickers on them.

Yes, S has on black fairy wings. She said she needed them on for the picture.

If you want to see the kids' faces click here


Alyssa said...

How fun! That is so funny about Savannah. Grant would've been the same way if I would've let him :) LOL

You need to get S the book Pinkalicious. It is GREAT! It is one of Kendra's favorites!

Shelly Marie said...

What cute pictures!!! Savannah would love that book. =)
I just realized I never put up our Easter pictures. I must do that today!! lol