"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

About Me

Hi, my name is Leah.

Quick facts:

-I am 26 years old

-I have been married for 8 going on 9 years now

-I have one biological child, Kobe (he's AWESOME!)

-I own my own business and work form home (www.dmweddingvideo.com)

-And, most recently, I am a FOSTER MOM

I love telling people I got married when I was 17 years old.  The look on their face never gets old :)   The real reason I love to tell people that is because our love story is a story of God's grace.  We shouldn't still be married, we were "too young", but Go knew that Ben would be perfect for me and I would be perfect for Ben.  As it turns out, I am very fortunate to have married Ben.  I know with my whole heart only HE could have put up with my craziness all these years.

A month after we were married we got pregnant, yes shock #2 - we were not pregnant before we got married!  But, it didn't take us long.  Kobe is my world.  The earth truly revolves around him as far as Ben and I am concerned and we are so lucky to be his parents.  Everyone should have a Kobe.
That leads me to my next subject.  We are foster parents.  Why are we foster parents?  Because of Kobe. Our love for him showed us, especially me, how much I love all kids and how amazing they all are.  I had a difficult pregnancy along with being a very young mother to start with, so Ben and I waited and purposefully did not get pregnant again.  Once I was ready to start "trying" I had no peace about "trying".  I truly still do not understand this.  Since Kobe we have never tried to get pregnant again.  But, I knew it was time to add more kids to our family.  Talk about confusing!

Ben and I had always talked about adoption, but never had an plans on how we wanted to go about it.  One day I found myself on my knees asking God to please give me a peace about either starting to try to get pregnant or giving up that thought and starting to try to adopt.  I asked God to show me by having Ben bring up adoption to me, instead of the other way around like it always was.

One day, Kobe's 6th birthday to be exact, Ben and I were literally making sure our insurance was all in order so that we could start trying to get pregnant again.  After a lengthy conversation, out of no where, Ben says "We should just adopt."  And the rest, my friends, is history in the making.

This blog has turned into the chronicles of this crazy surreal path God has set us on.  Searching for our children through foster care.  Hopefully we will live to see what happens.   ;)