"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pre-Graduation Ceremony

I get such a kick out of seeing Kobe interact with his classmates (well, some of them :D) and I love watching him with the girls.  Some of the girls, well, most of the girls in Kobe's class are super girly girls.  They will be cheerleaders-you can just see it  :)
One of the girliest of the girls is this little blonde Micayla.  (I'm not sure how to spell that name!)  She decided to buddy up to Kobe that night and even kissed him!  I guess Kobe was trying out his flirting techniques in these pictures.  Let's see how it went.

"Look, I can punch my hand really hard!"
"Impressive isn't it"
"Awe, but see, I am very cute when I smile"
"Yes, you should cower in fear of my gigantic muscles"
"I am very strong-I could protect you from things"
"Oh, you pretending to be scared of me is so funny and cute"
"See, I am too cool to care about what you are saying-you like that don't you"
"What?  You want to kiss me?  I don't know..."
"Oh, you just want to touch my face for no reason.  OK"
"OK are you done now creepy bigger girl?"
"Hello, your blonde hair has distracted me"
"Oh wait-I am still a 5 (soon to be 6)year old, I will make faces at you to show you affection"
"What was that?  your not scared of me...see this face?  You should be scared!"
"Oh wait, no, I am still cute and adorable...have I won you over with my dimples yet or what?"
"Great-Mom has been taking my picture this whole time and this is going on her stupid blog, I just know it.  She needs to get a life!"

Friday, May 30, 2008

Sneak peak at Kobe's Graduation

***Now after looking at all the pictures you will probably say to yourself "Sneak Peak?  There is more?"  Oh Yes my friend, there is much much more.  Over the next few days I will share with you the E True Hollywood Version of Kobe's Graduation  :)***

Graduation turned out so cute!  All the little boys in their ties - the girls in their little dresses...it was great.
Kobe started the program by leading everyone in the pledges and then singing Genesee Christian Soldiers.

Then-towards the end of his program he started to show that he was definitely my son by crossing his arms and acting like he might just be a little to cool for all of this...
Next he got his diploma...

...and then it was over  :)

Thanks everyone who came, we really appreciated you coming out to see Kobe graduate!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tonight's the night!

and I can't believe it...

Kobe's Smoking Volcano Cake!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Graduation Practice!

Kobe had his final graduation practice today along with a super fun day with his class that included Halo Burger and Bowling!!!

Kobe has one of the very first parts in the play!
The kids are SO cute singing!

He does such a good job, I am sure I am much more nervous than he has even thought to be!

Bowling was so fun!  I didn't take pictures at Halo Burger, I just had a nice time chatting with the other moms and laughing about all the families that had to deal with all of our kids in the play place, not a good day to go to Halo Burger if you wanted to relax!

Kobe ended up with the best score out of the kids that were bowling on our lane, the two higher scores were from parents.
What a great way to finish up the school year!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

(ok, I just had to find some reason for this picture to end up on my blog-it is too funny :) )
AND Happy 2 year Anniversary Matt & Lindsey!  You guys have had an exciting first two years and it is neat to see God bless you with a beautiful baby and lots of other things too.  You guys are such kind people and I know the rest of your marriage is going to be wonderful as well.  Congrats!  (I wish I was there to baby sit Elle for you, but I am glad your friend's did so you could go out :) )

Monday, May 26, 2008

Kobe's Birthday Party!

We could not have had a more perfect day!  The weather was amazing (Thank you GOD!) and it just made for the perfect day!  The kids were able to play in the pools we had set up and with water balloons and squirt guns.  They really had a blast, I am sure Shelly got some great photos of them, I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off while they were in the pool :)

I only did a little bit of decorating, I decided to go with black and red because a lot of Kobe's toys seem to be that color.  I also made a volcano cake that had smoke coming out of it, that was fun :)

The wind kept blowing out his candle so he just tried to blow out the smoke after we sang happy birthday to him...
...he got almost every Neo shifter that has ever been made and no doubles!  How amazing is that :) 
Grandma & Grandpa Wentzel
I love the excited look on his face :)
Uncle Jason, Aunt Shelly & Brook

Grandma Neighbors
Papa Neighbors
Aunt Penny
Todd & Amanda (and Cailynn (sp?) )  HOW DID I MISS CALEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vicki & Dave
A lot of my long lost relatives from Arkansas...no, I'm not kidding :)
Uncle Hal & Aunt Jenny (and my Mom's first attempt at video taping :) )
Aunt Di
Grandma Corey

Grandma & Grandpa Woods

Kobe had such a great time and got such generous gifts from everyone!  Thank you so much to everyone who came!  We had a blast and you made our day so great!