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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What did you do this weekend?

* Vicki-you mentioned the bunny in a comment about Ben and the bird...we have very sad news, on Saturday while Ben was mowing the lawn (no he didn't run over it) we found the bunny dead curled up by an electrical post.  It seemed to be in perfect condition (besides being dead) so we don't know what happened to it.  


Alyssa said...

Wow, wow, wow! It is so nice for us to see Mom doing so well!!! That is great! We did get the video of them doing that, and enjoyed it:). Kendra loved it!! We were at our church picnic all day.
I will have to post those pictures for you all today. We love you guys. That was a fun video. I love seeing candid laughing shots. How funny:)LOL

cindy said...

That was such a funnnnnnnnn day. I love being with my family!!! I do feel sooooo good, sometimes you don't realize how much you needed surgery. But I am on the 5th week and ready to do stuff :) Thanks for a great day.
Love you,

Shelly Marie said...

Brooklyn loved the video!! She had me play over and over again!! That was sooo funny!!! =)

gram said...

I had such a good time on Sunday with both of my girls and their families. First I was with Mark, Cindy, Shelly, Jay, Brooklyn, Ben, Leah and Kobe. Then I went to Vicki and DAves and was with them, Todd, Amanda, Caleb, Cailynn, Lindsey and Ryan. What fun!! I am so blessed.

gram said...

I love that video. Good job!!