"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Baby News!

Bobbie went to the hospital this morning because she was having contractions last night and this morning. When she got there she was 100% thinned out and 1-2 centimeters dialated. She was dehydrated so they pumped her full of fluids and while they did that she had some little contractions and some bad ones, but nothing that stayed really regular.
Around 4 they told her that she could stay in the hospital or go home and will probably be back tonight to have the baby. She opted to leave for a little while and was 3 centimeters dialated when she left.
So, sometime tonight I am sure she will be on her way to the hospital again...

Amanda & Todd's Wedding

Amanda & Todd had one of my top favorite weddings. I loved it because it was all about two people getting married because they were SO in love and just wanted to be with each other. They didn't neccessarily over think the wedding or reception plans, they just wanted start their life together so badly and I love that (partly because I can relate to it :) )
My favorite part is when they kissed-and kept kissing-and then kissed again! So cute and SO them :)

We'll be doing it again very soon!

Monday, July 30, 2007

What a weird evening!

Around 5 o'clock-ish Kobe and I were finally ready to go grocery shopping. I don't know if everyone is like me, but I like to go Monday during the day. Anyway, before we reached the grocery store Kobe wanted to go to Burger King. He had been so good today I said sure. As we walked in I saw one of the mom's of one of the kids from Kobe's K4 class last year. I said hi and after I got our food I chose a booth next to hers. Anyway, as we women do, we sat there and chatted while the kids ate and played around (she was one of the mom I really liked from last year) and they mentioned they were going to Vacation Bible School tonight at their church. Just so happens their church is about 10 minutes from our house, maybe more like five and so are they. So they asked us to go with them tonight. I wasn't sure if I wanted to drop Kobe off at a foreign church ( :) ) but I decided to check it out. (Even though I had errands that needed to be done). So, I went and after I signed Kobe in he and his classmate ran down stairs and I hear someone say "Leah, HI!" It was Kimmy Schatzley (formerly Harold). Her, Todd, Noah, and their little girl all got to this church along with Christy Husk and her husband. So funny, anyway, Kobe had a great night and will probably go back tomorrow night.

Klatt/Cyrus Ceremony Highlight Video-Finished :)

Michael William

This is Michael, my cousin Lauren's little boy. He is growing up so fast. He is a sweet little thing too.
We are all so blessed to have wonderful, healthy children all around us, even the ones that are not our own. When your friends and family all start having children it is so neat to watch them grow and spend time with them. They are such a blessing.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

They did it!

Ben had help for his Dad & our Brother-in-law Dave and they got the basket ball post all cemented in this evening! Ben is so excited to have it up, he has been walking around with a big smile on his face. He is so excited for the cement to dry and to shoot around. He bought the perfect amount of cement and his Dad suggested a wonderful way of bracing it while it dried.

Thank you so much guys for the help. It was much appreciated! Now everyone that was here tonight (including baby Shell) has their name in the cement :)

Child Labour :)

Our "Lazy Sunday" hasn't turned out so lazy after all...

We finally had to buy a wheel barrow...

...and this is Ben not so thrilled he had been working so long and had only gotten about a foot deep into the clay!

It was SO nice and pleasant outside today...

...and yes, Kobe thinks boxer briefs are just as good as shorts :)

Lazy Sunday

Well, not so much lazy as we are staying home and getting work done. I have two huge video projects I want to have done by Monday & Ben wanted to mow the lawn (or our weeds :) ) and start getting things ready to put up his basket ball hoop he bought. God blessed him with a really nice one he found used on Craig's list and Dave was nice enough to go with him to pick it up and bring it home. Ben is SO excited to get it up & to shoot around at his own home. He was even excited about how perfect the drive way was to play basketball on. I love how much Ben loves our house and the things that we didn't even think to make sure were exactly what we would want are exactly what we needed thanks to God.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The many faces of Ben Wentzel

These pictures were taken by Mr. Kobe himself, so funny. Ben did the dishes for me tonight while I worked on a video I needed to do. :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bobbie is ready to POP!

Bobbie went to the doctor on Wednesday and he told her she is 1 centimeter dialated and 60% effaced! :)

He will be coming soon! (hopefully)

Today Bobbie and I went out to take pictures of her while she is still pregnant. And, no, she did not go into labour while we were shooting (even though she would have been all for it! She said, "Wouldn't it be great if I looked back and these pictures and thought, yeah, that's the day i went into labour." So, she is very ready to be done!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Prayer Request

Hi you guys, I would like you to meet Amber. I met Amber about 9 months ago. Amber has since become pregnant & moved to Florida but I keep in contact with her via Myspace. I don't know why God brought Amber into my life, but I know He did and I am excited to see why. I have so much love for her and in all honesty I don't know her all that well and she doesn't know me all that well either. But, she stays in constant contact with me and tells me what is going on and asks me for advice all the time or just uses me as a sounding board when she needs it.

This is not Amber's first pregnancy, she had a miscarriage a while back and ever since had been bent on getting pregnant again, no matter who it was by. Well, as you can guess, getting pregnant by who ever is willing isn't a very good idea and leads to lots of trouble and heart ache as Amber is finding out.

Amber is due very soon, mid August, and it seems she will then have a healthy baby boy on her hands. Amber is NOT with the father and is in a relationship with another young woman.

I don't know what to ask for specifically, but would you guys pray for her this week with me? I mean really pray, like get down on your knees and pray for a girl that needs to see the love of God and welcome it into her life for her and her little one that is on the way. I had this laid on my heart tonight so PLEASE, when you get on here and you see Amber's picture pray for her. Stop what you are doing and do something that could help her so much.

Thank you.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

This post is definately dedicated to G'ma Corey

Today, out of No Where Kobe told me "Grandma Corey Wentzel's husband died". Now, I was driving and we had not mentioned anything about this topic lately so I was surprised to here him spout that off & was laughing a little about hearing him call Grandma Corey "Grandma Corey Wentzel". So I said, "Yes he did. Back when you were very little. But, you know what is neat? He got to hold you." "I don't remember that", Kobe said. "Yep, he did. And he even picked out an outfit for you. It was yellow and blue striped and you used to wear it a lot". After that the conversation kinda fiizzed out. As I continued driving I thought about what a fabulous GIFT Kobe was to Grandpa Corey and Grandpa Wentzel. He was the only grandchild (at least from the immediate family) that they got to meet. I think God had Kobe come at the time he did for more reasons than anyone could ever really list and what a blessing and a healing thing he was to so many.

After Elle was born I took some of the pictures that Alyssa sent and printed them off and sent them off to Grandma Ghent. I didn't know when Grandma Corey was supposed to go up there and, Lindsay & Matt, grandma was SO excited to see Elle, or "that little baby"as I have heard her call her a few times now. Grandma loves all the kids so much and Grandparents really get SO much joy from seeing new babies being born and being able to spend any time they can with them.

I know Grandma enjoyed seeing the photos (Thank you SO much Alyssa for FAITHFULLY posting pictures for all of us who wanted to be there so badly but could not, you really did something for all of us that we cherish) and I know Grandma would LOVE to see more pictures of ALL the Grandkids when ever you parents get them (hint hint :) )
Our children are such treasures to us, but remember that they mean SO much to other people to, even if they don't live close by.

*The reason this posted is dedicated to Grandma Corey is because she told me she checks this every morning and when I haven't posted anything she curses me :) j/k

Love you Gram


More about Tom's

You shouldn't give because you are trying to get something, you should give because the Love of God that is in you is so much that it spills onto everyone else...

This is it...a purpose

This is the whole point in living! We run around in circles trying to be successful, but it is amazing how successful you become when you find a way to give it a way!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Quote of the day or night-whatever

"I have no idea what the key to success is. But I know the key to failure and that's trying to please everybody."

I ran across this...

I wonder how true this is. It is 1:46 in the AM so excuse my ponderous countenance.

I think it probably is true...

Anyway, i just posted this so when I get up tomorow & get around to hoppin on here I can see what I think of it then.

This is how I get Kobe to wash my windows ;)

White Trash-ish...

...but SO worth it! I absolutely HATE blow-up pools, and all these practically disposable huge pools but boy, I am starting to understand why they are such a big hit. For the past week the weather has been pretty wonderful, not too hot, just right. (besides all the storm that went thru YIKES!)

Today was the first official day that Kobe asked if we could go to the pool & I told him someone else lives in our old apartment now so we can't. (which reminds me, I want to go to the beach, maybe if it is nice we will go this weekend) Anyway, as you can see I got out Kobe's blow up children's pool and parked it out on the deck and filled it. Kobe looked so funny in his pool sitting in his little chair. So crazy, and yes, eventually Rupert got thrown in the pool. He didn't appreciate that too much though :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Are the stars out tonight...

...tonight I went to let the dog out and was sitting outside and I saw the moon. It was REALLY big tonight (at least the half you could see was) so I went in and told Ben he should come look. He has borrowed the telescope he bought his dad right before we got married and he & kobe LOVE to look through it together. Kobe was so funny tonight. He was so excited and thought it was so cool. I looked through the telescope and it was cool, you could see all the craters on the moon.

I love seeing Kobe get such a kick out of something that Ben loves so much. They are quite a pair.

Also, Grandma & Grandpa Wentzel got home today and even after their long trip home they came and visited us this evening. We had a little cook out (us, mark, cindy, shelly, jason & brooklyn) and had a nice evening together. It is SO nice to have Grandma & Grandpa home!