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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Justin Young's Wedding

Today was Justin's wedding! For any of you who don't know who that is he was Ben's best friend from college. Before I came around they hung out all the time. In August Justin is going to be moving (with his new wife) to California so we really wanted to make sure we made it to the wedding because realistically this is probably one of the last (if not THE last) time Ben will see Justin.

So, after some debate (because today we realized it was going to be an hour and a half drive) we hurried and got ready. I had NO idea what I was going to wear even at 10 am this morning! So I dug thru my closet and put together this outfit and actually it is as "brand new" as it gets because it was two pieces that I have never worn before.

Kobe slept almost the whole way up there (which was fine with us) and the drive wasn't too bad. As we got closer & closer we saw LOTS of corn fields and wondered where in the world we were headed! But we drove right there, it was literally on the shore of St. Claire, very beautiful.

The wedding was a nice LONG catholic wedding. I swear, there were 6 special musics, not counting the priest' sing-song repatitions. Then almost everyone took communion. Dear goodness, Justin from all the way up front saw how long the line was for communion and caught Ben's eye and gave him a look like "This is going to take forever!"

So, anyway, I am glad we went, I had such a great day just hanging out with Ben and Kobe.

Me and Kobe right before we left for the wedding

OK, there is a little bit of a blur over my face, but this was the best picture we got of us. Can you believe we will be married for 6 years this August!

Proof that I actually did something to my hair besides straightening it!

After our mini road trip to get out to St. Claire was were a little early so we ate Swedish Gummy Fish and took pictures :)

Beautiful Catholic Church in St. Clair, MI

The newly married Jusin & Rachel Young!