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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Prayer Request

Hi you guys, I would like you to meet Amber. I met Amber about 9 months ago. Amber has since become pregnant & moved to Florida but I keep in contact with her via Myspace. I don't know why God brought Amber into my life, but I know He did and I am excited to see why. I have so much love for her and in all honesty I don't know her all that well and she doesn't know me all that well either. But, she stays in constant contact with me and tells me what is going on and asks me for advice all the time or just uses me as a sounding board when she needs it.

This is not Amber's first pregnancy, she had a miscarriage a while back and ever since had been bent on getting pregnant again, no matter who it was by. Well, as you can guess, getting pregnant by who ever is willing isn't a very good idea and leads to lots of trouble and heart ache as Amber is finding out.

Amber is due very soon, mid August, and it seems she will then have a healthy baby boy on her hands. Amber is NOT with the father and is in a relationship with another young woman.

I don't know what to ask for specifically, but would you guys pray for her this week with me? I mean really pray, like get down on your knees and pray for a girl that needs to see the love of God and welcome it into her life for her and her little one that is on the way. I had this laid on my heart tonight so PLEASE, when you get on here and you see Amber's picture pray for her. Stop what you are doing and do something that could help her so much.

Thank you.


cindy said...

Already done! what ever I can do just let me know

Vicki Aeschliman said...

Just did. I love you Leah. You have a giving heart.

Wentzel Weekly said...

Thanks for sharing that, Leah! I will pray for her daily now, and also as soon as I am done posting this comment. God is so BIG! Love you!

Leah Wentzel said...

Thanks you guys, it is much appreciated.

Paula said...

I will be praying for her also. Leah, you have such a caring hart and that is one of the things that is so very special about you.
Love you guys,

Leah Wentzel said...

Thanks Paula, I appreciate it