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Monday, July 9, 2007

All dressed up & no where to go

Well, tonight was "try on everything you own" night with Kobe. First he decided that is was time to "practice" his skateboarding. So he got out his helmet, knee pads & elbow pads. (I do not care for safty gear, luckily Kobe does ;) )

So, anyway, skateboarding lasted about 30 seconds once he realized it was harder than it looks.

Then it was off to dig up these little roller skates I bought him two years ago because they matched the pads & Kobe felt the need. Well, roller skating lasted just about as long as skateboarding. As soon as Kobe was finished he quickly removed all his safty gear and was off to the next task.


cindy said...

He could have come to grandmas.....
He is so cute.

Leah Wentzel said...

:) we have tons of weddings coming up at the end of august and sept. I am sure (if you are available) you will get plenty of Kobe time. I don't have too much going on this week-if you get bored (ha!) give me a call :)

cindy said...

I will be dialing your number soon! I need some counseling time ;) Love you lots, Mom