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Thursday, July 5, 2007


Well, recently I drew this beautiful picture of Jason :P

On his myspace page he has the song "Ticks" by Brad Paisley. Totally hilarious song, if you haven't heard it you should look it up. N-E-way, because I cannot leave well enough alone, I decided to share this picture with everyone (at least everyone that reads my blog). Jason deleted it so quickly from his coments on myspace I though I had lost it forever (because I was NOT going to take the time to re create my creation) and then I went on my photobucket account and found it! Exciting, I know...

*This is my rendition of Jason as a hill billy "under the moonlight in a field of wild flowers..." after he has checked someone for ticks


Wentzel Weekly said...

Gonna blow that one up to a 20x30! LOL
Love it!! Thanks for the laugh today! We are on our way out the door to the pool with Haley!

Love you! Have a great day!