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Sunday, June 7, 2009

oh our life....mmmm

These picture...
...make me want to have LOTS more babies with Ben.
For two reason:

1.  Kobe is just so beautiful to me
2.  Ben is just so beautiful to me

Anyway, now that I have gotten that slightly inappropriate comment out of my system, where did I leave off?

Oh, yes, I woke up and it was FINALLY the day that I was going to actually meet our first foster child.

So, I woke up early and just laid there.  It had felt good to sleep off the last couple of days and I was excited.  And nervous.  

I hopped in the shower and then after that I seemed to just wander around, slightly getting ready, slightly in a daze.  I got a phone call from her social worker letting me know that the visit was being postponed 1 hour.  I was thankful that was all, I couldn't imagine it being canceled.  Honestly, the whole morning was a daze and as I stood in the bathroom it finally hit me-and I cried.  I cried HARD.  I cried over everything that had gone on the past couple days, I cried because this day was FINALLY here, I cried because of the anticipation of what God was doing.  And it felt good.

So, I got ready, it was finally time to go and I hopped into the car and went.  As I pulled into the building that I had driven past 2 times a day the entire school year (it is on the way to Kobe's school) I thought of all the times that I had turned to Kobe in the back seat and told him "Some day we will go there and pick up our foster child", I thought of all the times I passed that building and tearful prayed that God would build a bond between me and all the kids that will come into our home far before I ever met them.  A bond ONLY God could put there.  Pulling in that drive way was a big deal that day - I was meeting Savannah.

I got there 15 minutes early which is very me, and then sat.  I didn't see any cars in the spots that usually are filled with people here for visits so I waited.  A few minutes later a white van pulled up with 2 car seats in the back holding two precious little two year old girls.  The blonde haired lady that was driving the van got out and went to the back of the van and opened the door and put glasses on the little girl that had sat behind her.  She then got the glass wearing, brown haired little girl with creamy white skin out of the van and brought her around to the other side of the van to get the other little girl out.  The other little girl had dark wispy brown hair and big brown asian eyes and features.  

I jumped out of my car and walked around my car to get to hers.  I said, "Hi, I'm Leah, is one of these girls Savannah?" assuming the little girl with glasses was Savannah.  The blonde haired lady (I would soon find out her name was Cindy) said, "Hi, are you the new foster mom?"  I nodded and she motioned towards the little asian looking girl and said, "This is Savannah" with a smile.  I couldn't help being a little surprised considering I was told she was "white" and as I looked in those little brown eyes everything just seemed to fit.  She some how managed to look exactly like what I thought our first foster child should look like, and trust me, she is beautiful.

I asked if I could help her get the girls across the parking lot and into the building and she said yes, so I reached for Savannah's hand and she took mine and we walked across the parking lot together.  And it just felt right.

We went in, I won't go into all the details, but meeting Savannah's current foster mom was amazing, she is a wonderful lady who only has Savannah's best interests at heart.  I also briefly met Savannah's biological mom and that included a hand shake, name exchange and that's it.

As I left the building Cindy and I made plans for me to go over to her home the next day to have some more time with Savannah before her move that was sounding like it would be on Wednesday.

To be continued...

PS I have a private blog linked on the top right hand side of this blog where I will be posting pictures of our foster children, if you have not received an invitation to this blog (you have to sign on with your google account to view it - last week I received an email from my own husband asking to be invited to view this blog about our family lol) and you would like to be invited to our private blog please leave me the address I need to send your invite to and I will send you an invite-as long as I know you in real life or your name is Jannelle or Becca or Faith :) )

And if you have already been invited and accepted you may just want to hop over there to see a picture of our little Savannah!


gram said...

I am excited to meet Savanah. Your family will be great for Savanah. I bet you won't sleep much Tuesday night as you will be so excited.

Vicki Aeschliman said...

of course I went right over to your private blog.

Alyssa said...

I love reading your posts, Leah! You have such a way with words!!

I can't wait to see her picture. I am so very excited for you guys.


Rebekah said...

Leah, this post is so BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm so thrilled for you guys and completely relate to the gamete of emotions. I definitely want to see the pictures!!!!


Becca B. said...

Hey! I want an invite! Also, how did you creat this blog,and set it up to be private...this maybe something I need to consider...

Lindsay said...

:) I hope your having a great day with Savannah today! What a doll!


i want an invite, too! :) i am so, so happy for you, leah! you guys are awesome. God is good, savannah is such a lucky girl.

Always Faith said...

LOL...i left a comment a few minutes ago on a different post but in case you miss that one, i'd love to be added. always(dot)faith(at)yahoo(dot)com