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Friday, June 12, 2009

Gifts & Pictures I can post!

Well, since S has gotten here our living room has been filled with age appropriate toys all over again-I had just gotten Kobe's confined to his room :)

As you can see, we aren't exactly lacking in the toy dept. thanks to Cindy who went through all Kobe & Brook's old toys and sent them home with us.  I was excited to get the McDonald's toy because all the kids love that toy.

Shelly and Brook let us borrow the finding Nemo little bike thing (which S loves) and a talking Winnie the Pooh which she had to sleep with that night.
Sorry these pictures are so out of order but Lindsay & Matt sent us a very nice pkg in the mail of toys for S.  She LOVES the baby toy and has traded in her very favorite baby for the one you sent her, thank you guys!!!

To see more pictures (ones with her face in them) click here


gram said...

Wow, looks like S. has alot of toys.
Kobe and S looks so cute together.