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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nap time

day One - laid right down and fell asleep

day Two - laid right down and fell asleep

day Three - found jumping up and down in delight on her bouncy crib mattress with the sweetest smile on her face.

Not a good sign for things to come!

Speaking of nap time, I am sure everyone has been wondering how our wonderful boy Kobe is handling all of these changes around our house.

First off I will start off with a "Quote of the Day" from Kobe on the first day Savannah was here:

I asked Kobe to do something and he turned to me and said:

"I will do what every you need me to, you are the mom of two kids now!"

So, darling - anyway, Ben and I both are very committed to not having Kobe feel like he is being over shadowed by this little new comer.  For example, the first two days we had Savannah here I decided to make nap time a special time for Kobe.  After Savannah was settled in for her nap Kobe and I had a "Secret Ice Cream Party" that was just for us and not for Savannah.  I would have done the same thing today but Kobe is over at a friend's house which I am sure is nice for him!


Alyssa said...

That is just FAB! I love that you are doing so well, and I love Kobe's comment. So cute:)! Kendra is my BIG helper on Monday and Tuesdays when I have 3 kiddos:). It is so nice to have such responsible and loving kids. WE are blessed!
I am so very happy for you every time I read your posts the past couple of days, I have a permanent smile:)!
Love you! Tell Kobe he is doing GREAT!

Becca B. said...

Kobe is so obviously a great kid. I'm so glad he is adjusting we well. I love that Savannah is getting comfortable enough to cut up. Love to you guys from Arkansas!

amanda said...

what a sweet boy you have!!

gram said...

Kobe is such a caring, kind boy. Sounds like everything is going good with the two children.