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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vannah Banana's Room

Well, it was quite a whirl wind around here in the days before S came to live with us.  I thought I had until Wednesday - but then she came Monday (which I am so happy she did!)

Saturday night my sister and I went to Walmart to do some shopping and I found these cute poka dot wall stickers.  My plan all along was to do this to the room, but I didn't feel like running out to Target so when I saw these I bought them without knowing if I would like them or not.  Well, I LOVE them.  I love all the bright colors and S loves them too :)

This dresser is my dresser that my grandma & grandpa Neighbors got me when I was born.  I love it!
And here is the little rocking chair and "old paint" (the rocking horse) that me and my cousins grew up playing on at our grandparents house.  S loves them too now :)


Alyssa said...

Those are GREAT! Kids rooms are so fun to decorate:)! It is neat that you have special things from your childhood in there too. Where did you get the crib? How are things continuing to go?
Have a fabulous weekend! We love you guys

Becca B. said...

THe room looks awesome, I see why S loved it as soon as she saw it! I love the dots...I'll have to look sor those at walmart, maybe for my classroom, they're just so cute, I could find somewhere to put them...