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Monday, June 15, 2009

Two Kids, Less Sleep, and Busy Busy Busy

As you can imagine, life around here has change a lot in the past week.  In certain ways I laugh at how worried I was about what we were getting ourselves into, and in other ways I think "wow, it really is as hard as I thought it would be".

I guess I will start with the easy part.

As far as the things that are slightly easier than I thought they would be, that would be how adding a second child would effect our family.  Yes, it is busier around here and I don't get to do things the way I used to, but honestly, she just fits around here.  In our home it is like she has always been here.  Kobe & S play just like brother and sister - sometimes (most of the time) they love each other & then other times I catch Kobe doing little things to make her scream.  Sound like any older brother you know?  :)  

Ben and I both have our own relationship that we are building with her.  

Yes, I am already "Mom", and no, I did not ask her to call me that.  I think, as with most two year olds, who ever is the woman that is the care giver to the kids is "Mom".  S treats me like I am her mom, and for right now as far as I can see that is the roll that has been given to me for an undetermined amount of days and I plan to be that to the best of my ability.  She is a sweet little girl and I already care about her already very very much.

Ben, to S, is "Ben".  I didn't know what to call him when introducing her to him, so instead of pushing a new "Daddy" on her I just called him Ben and it stuck.  She loves to play with him outside and is happy to use him when ever she needs something, but if I'm around she would prefer to be with me.  Ben has actually managed to be even more amazing at this "foster dad" thing than even I thought he would be.  He has so much patience (I can't imagine that he learned that from having to put up with me all these years ha!) and such a sweet spirit towards S.  He has put in so much effort with her the past 7 days.  I could not have asked for a more perfect person to spend my life with.  I am SO proud of him.

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gram said...

I think both of you are great Foster Parents and great parents to Kobe. S. is one lucky girl to have you all in her life.

cindy said...

You are great parents and Kobe is a great kid. S is very blessed from GOD to be placed in your home for how many ever days she is there. Remember you are doing a great job as an extention of her family. You make all the days count, not by what you buy, but the love you show her and kobe. Cause that is really all that everyone really wants "Love and acceptance".
Love you,