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Friday, June 5, 2009

My sister...(and brother-in law :P)

Yesterday Bobbie and Dave brought Ben and I over the sweetest present.  They knew I needed this size car seat (the one I have is 5 years old) so they went out and bought it for me.  I couldn't believe they did that.
When you decide to take care of kids that may not stay with you forever it is an awkward position to be in.  You don't know how to act because you are all excited, but you know that that excitement might end up being sadness when they leave.  

The past few days I have been calling my sister every day to get me through everything that is going on right now.  I have been shocked to see how much she understands that we want the kids in our house that are supposed to be there because GOD wants them to be there, no matter what the time frame.  She has blessed me so much the past few days, standing beside me and being excited for what might happen.  It has made the past few days a lot more bearable.

Thank you for always answering the phone when I call Bobbie, and thank you for being involved and doing something nice for me that you totally didn't have to do.  It meant the world.

And thank you to everyone who has prayed for us, been excited for us, called to see if we have heard anything, encouraged us to keep going on the path God gave us, and for loving us even when it is hard.

Each one of you that has had a kind word to say is VERY appreciated.


Becca B. said...

What an awesome sister you have...I'm still praying your family through this adventure from Arkansas. Much Love!

Alyssa said...

That is great! Sisters are the best! At least yours and mine:) LOL
I have some great sis in laws too! We are all so blessed! What a nice car seat too. :)

We love you

gram said...

Thank you for your call. I appreciated it very much.
That was so sweet of your sister. When one is troubled or need a sounding block, family is so important but you are always there to help others.

Rebekah said...

God is so good. He brings just the people we need and when we need them. What a sweet, thoughtful, and needed gift! I hope there's a little one to fill it very soon...

cindy said...

Sister's are great and I have a wonderful one :) We love you and anticipate many children to be blessed by coming thru your home. And in turn we will be blessed to know them.
Love you lots,

spng7 said...

Sisters in fact and other sisters that we pick up along the way in life are so very precious. I might say the same thing about brothers, too. I think your brother-in-law is a gem. God bless this new little person coming into your home. I'm sure she will bring you blessings the same way you will be a blessing to her. Welcome Samantha.