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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Zoo

For Kobe's birthday my Grandma Neighbors had the great idea of gifting Kobe a trip to the zoo!  I loved this idea and apparently we couldn't wait to go because we decided to go on Monday, rain or shine!

We invited Ben's parents along as well as Bobbie, Dave and there family and Brook too.  I would have asked my Grandparents but as you can tell they have there own stuff going on and my mom still is having such bad back problems she couldn't go either.

I loved these birds!

David in this poncho had me cracking up all day!  The day started off in a drizzle and but about half way thru the sun came out and we all came home with pink cheeks.  It was so nice to go to the zoo, walk practically the whole thing and not be sweating to death!  From now on I think I will always make sure if we go to go in the spring.
Brooklyn was in love with this little 2 person stroller.  She wanted Kobe to sit with her in it the whole time.

This dinosaur would spit water at the kids and of course they love that!
If you look closely in this picture you can see the water.

This picture cracks me up, David was literally hiding behind Kobe because the dinosaurs scared him.  After a while he was ok looking at them if we told them all bye bye.  

lol, the squire had a candy wrapper and was very into it.

We had a great time, thank you Grandma & Grandpa Neighbors for the great present and thank you Grandpa & Grandma Wentzel and Bobbie & Dave for coming with us, it was tons of fun :)


Shelly Marie said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Wish we (Jay and I) could of come too, but we had to work. I am glad that Brooklyn was able to be there with you guys. I know she had a blast. =) Thanks for inviting her to go with you guys. =)

Alyssa said...

How fun!! I love your pictures:) I remember that zoo well. What great times I had there with all of my different classes!!

The spitting dino was so cool too! Kendra would love that. I am glad you had great weather the rest of your day there.

Great family pictures!

gram said...

Love all the pictures. So glad the weather turned out nice for you. It is so much fun seeing the little ones face.

spng7 said...

So happy that you all enjoyed the trip to the zoo. We figured Kobe would love the dinosaurs especially and the zoo is always a treat for the kids. I remember going when I was a kid and loved it. Guess I'm still a kid, cause I still love that stuff. Love you all. Gram

Always Faith said...

great pictures...and by the way, those dinosaurs look all jurassic park-ish, I think I would have been a little freaked out, too!! HAH.

Vicki Aeschliman said...

I want to take the kids to the zoo this year. You just gave me the bug with your pictures.