"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Friday, May 22, 2009

a call. not THE call. A call.

So, today I got a call from the lady who did our home study.  She asked me if we would be willing to take a 9 DAY OLD baby.  She said that the parents had already had their parental rights terminated in the case of 2 other children so she didn't know if there would be any parental visits to deal with or not.

Of course I was surprised/excited about this and told her yes, we would take him/her (I forgot to ask which :) ).  I asked if she needed me to come pick them up and she said she didn't know if they were going to place "him" today or wait until after the weekend so she would call and then call me back.  

I was at Mark & Cindy's house so they along with Shelly were all there for this call.  It was so exciting!  My heart leapt into my throat...and then Shannon called back and told  me that the baby had already been placed by another agency.  My heart then felt like it plunged from my throat to my shoes.  It is amazing how one minute you can be SO excited and then you are some how supposed to go back to feeling as if nothing just happened.

I am still excited though.  I am excited we got A CALL!  I am excited our name is obviously on a list!  I am excited that "God works all things together for good to those that LOVE him, for those that are CALLED according to HIS PURPOSE!"  That verse echoed in my head as I drove home thinking about how we "just missed it".  We didn't just miss anything, it is good that "he" was placed with someone else.  It was according to God's purpose.  And that feels really good.  Maybe not in my flesh, but in my spirit it is amazing :)


Shelly Marie said...

It is amazing!!! Yes, I was a very excited for you and Ben when you got that call!! WOW....I was ready to give you every baby thing I had. lol It will happen when God allows it to happen!! I am just glad that your name is on the list!!! So exciting!! =)

How is Ben feeling?

Leah Wentzel said...

ben. is feeling. HORRIBLE. he is vomiting now. he always does with strep. he is on antibiotics now so tommorrow will be better, but he is feeling pretty horrible right now.

thanks for being excited for us, it will be fun when there is something to be excited about :)

gram said...

I hope and pray Ben and Kobe get over the strp quickly and you do not get it. Just let us know if you need to cancel the party on Mon. Sounds like it will not be long and you will have another little one in your home.

Leah Wentzel said...

well, kobe is doing great, if I can get ben considerably better tomorrow the party will still b of for monday, that will probably b enough time to have the contagious part gone.

Alyssa said...

How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How else can I tell you that I am beaming? :)

That would be the part that would kill me (my flesh) too, but yes, knowing God in a real way changes that, and takes all our doubt away, and it gets replaced with a peace that passes ALL UNDERSTANDING! :)

Love you!

Leah Wentzel said...

alyssa, I love you comment. Even from miles away I can see you being as excited for us as shelly was when she heard me on the phone (mark and cindy too).

I knew you would be excited for us, it means so much to me for you all to act like any of this is some what normal and something to get excited about. :)

Vicki Aeschliman said...

Holy Cow!! It has to be so cool that God let you know your name is out there. He sure can quiet our doubts. I am so excited for you guys. Hope you all get feeling better. LOve you all.

cindy said...

Dad and I are too very excited and we thanked GOD that we all got to be there and experience the first phone call too. One day it will be right for that child to come in to your home and be loved amazingly as only you and ben and kobe can do. It will be perfect. We anticipate it to be realllllly soon. We can't wait to love that child too.
Love you ,
PS we are praying for you and ben and kobe to be allllll better quick. Just rest, rest, rest, rest and rest!

Becca B. said...

I can't wait for you guys to get your first placement. I know you are going to be so blessed, and also a blessing to the child God has intended for you!

the johnson crew said...

dear leah,

reading your post brought back memories of phone calls we have received. - we only got one call before we got amos, and it was for a baby (unknown boy or girl) who had 4 older sibblings. jason was not home, but I made the decision to say "no" because there was a probability the child would be moved to live with the other sibblings or else we would be asked to take all five, and i was pregnant at the time. - i really struggled with that decision, and felt somewhat guilty for refusing a child. but now I know that God was in that decision because a few weeks later we got amos, and 3 months after that we got our other four kids back. and then a month later chi was born. - i feel so excited for you, you are an amazing mom. we are so blessed to Hope in our Awesome God who controls all these things. - and i am still praying for buddy!

Rebekah said...

Wow!!! I can't imagine the mix of emotions you must have felt in such a short time span! God is moving!

Always Faith said...

I've been there...it is definitely a rollercoaster ride. But I remember the first time we got a call. We didn't get any kids on that one either, but I was totally excited about just getting called, too! *Grin*