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Monday, May 4, 2009

The blog world makes the real world so small...

I do not know these people personally, but when you look at these big blue eyes and hear the story about Seth you immediately are captivated.

I had to post a link so you guys could see what it is like for a little one that was once deaf to HEAR for the first time.  Can you imagine bein' his mama and having him hear your voice for the first time?  Scroll down to the end of her post to see the video...too cute!


Rebekah said...

Amazing! I love blog world. God is moving!

gram said...

I can imagine what that mother was feeling when her child could hear her voice. When Cindy was about five she could not hear. Teachers were angry with her because they thought she was not paying attention. We took her to numerous drs and no one knew what was causing her hearing lost. The dr. finally referred her to a dr. in AA (we lived in Baldwin) and he said he thought it was allergies but she had damage to her middle ears. He operated on her ears and she was overwhelmed with all the noise around her when she got into the car. Slamming of the door, braking of the car, Horn blowing etc. and she did not understand all these strange sounds. It broke my heart to think she had missed so much. God was good and got her to the right dr. (after being seen and operated on by other drs.) and restored her hearing. Not perfect but it was awesome to us.