"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Saturday, May 16, 2009


So, as of yesterday we have been "open" for foster care and no, we haven't heard anything :)

Because we decided to only care for one child at a time, I am sure it will take a little longer to get paired up than it would if we had said we would take up to 5 :)

Yesterday I called "Buddy's" social worker and left her a message letting her know who we are, that we are officially foster parents and that if something came up and they were going to move "Buddy" we wanted him.  I was glad she didn't answer the phone.  I don't know if I would have know what to say directly to her.

Later on yesterday I was going through my phone and came upon these pictures I took the day he was going to be moved from "Sherry's" care.   I forgot I had them.

Be praying for him, please.


Alyssa said...

Praying for you all, and for the kid God brings you. He has a perfect plan. We love you guys!

Vicki Aeschliman said...

I can't wait to see you with your first foster and potential son or daughter. I love you Leah and Ben and Kobe!

gram said...

My thoughts and prayers are with Buddy. I sure pray he comes to our family. You, Ben and Kobe would provide a great family for him.

the johnson crew said...

i have been praying for buddy too.

hey, i am confused, on my blog you commented "2 kids" fill me in, or were you referring to ben? i didn't see anything on your blog!