"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What happens when you ask God and HE answers


June12, 2008


Last night I had “the talk” with Ben.  The “worst case scenario about adoptive foster parenting talk”.  The talk where I had to tell him we could have a child in our home for 6 mo. to a year and then they could go back to their parents.  I had to tell him I would probably have to meet their bio. parents and take them to visits with them.  I had to tell them even if the state does terminate parental rights it could take months and months for them to do that.

I cannot tell you what a huge change has taken place in both of us just over the past two weeks.  I couldn’t believe after telling him all these things he looked at me and said, “OK, Let’s do it.  If we are supposed to do this God will make it happen.  If not He won’t”


All this coming from two people that always said we would never adopt a child if the parents where even in the same country as us.


Well, never say never,  Sometimes it seems as if God hears you say “I will never…” and then He makes plans to show you how wrong you are.  It is always such a great plan HE has though, so you can’t really look back, second guess, or have too much pride to move in the direction He is pushing you in.


So, anyway, I guess it is official.  Ben and I plan to become licensed adoptive foster parents.


Thank you God for changing our hearts.


Lindsay said...

It's amazing how God can change your heart on something - even the things you never thought you would do!

gram said...

You and Ben sure support each other and that will be so important in raising any child. Your classes should start pretty soon right?

spng7 said...

God will bless you and take you by the hand ... remember what He said "whatever you do to the least of mine" He'll be smiling down on you. Nothing to fear.

Shelly Marie said...

That is great Leah!!!

Alyssa said...

I could just say "ditto" to what everyone else has said:)! We are so happy for you guys, and glad you have a peace about God's leading in this.

We love you, and will keep praying. Did you ever ready my friend's blog? I am sure you did knowing you:)...pretty cool, huh?