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Monday, July 21, 2008


This week walgreens is having the same great sale on diapers as they did at the end of last month!


Vicki Aeschliman said...

I know, I scored big!!

Leah Wentzel said...

how did the coupons work out for you? did they let you use both?

Shelly Marie said...

Well, that sounds like a great deal. To bad I don't need diapers!!! =)

However, I did go to Walgreens and got some pretty good deals!!! RiteAid had some great deals. I just put in all my rebates!!!

Isn't this fun?!!?

Vicki Aeschliman said...

no, but i ended up after my two purchases getting the diapers for 2.25 a bag!

Alyssa said...

I will have to try and go! Thanks for the heads up on that, Leah!

Lindsay said...

I used both coupons and got 6 packs for about 6 bucks! Yay!!! Thanks Leah!