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Thursday, July 10, 2008

David came over to play

Bobbie had some running around she had to get done Monday that would be a lot easier without a baby in the car with her so I got to play with David.  I also had a video that I HAD to get finished so I trapped David in the office with me for a little while and I worked on my video and David worked on taking every Lincoln Log out of this box :)  He entertained himself for quite a while!
He just LOVES Kobe.  Every time he is in the same room with Kobe he "runs" over and uses Kobe to help him stand up.  He sometimes bites on Kobe's clothes on the way up-I don't really know what that is about but it is funny :)
Two of my favorite boys!
Grandma Neighbors LOOK!!!!  I think you have the same picture of Bobbie and I on your fridge! Kobe and David riding "Old Paint" (the rocking horse) for the first time together.  I had to get a picture because I kept remembering the picture of Bobbie and I on "Old Paint" When we were little like this.  I love it!  (and David loved it too :) )


gram said...

Kids grow up so fast.

Lindsey said...

That is so cute!

Alyssa said...

Those are great pictures!!! I love them:). What a cutie pie. Is he close to walking? He looks like he is:).

Love you, thanks for your help with Snapfish again!!

siretap said...

I do, Leah, and now I have one of these precious boys up there in a favored place, too. How fast the time does go. It won't be long before they will look back and say " gosh, do you remember when ?"