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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Money Monday!

Do you want to send FREE postcards with pictures of your family on them?

Do you want to get a ridiculous amount of stuff for $.19

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Alyssa said...

Man, i wish I had a CVS close to me. It is not too far now, but wow! I need to go on days that I have a car and try and figure all this out. My girlfriend from college does the same thing and does well too.
Awesome, Leah! That is great! Thanks for the tips and letting us know too.
Have a great day! Love you

Leah Wentzel said...

yeah, I have to drive ten minutes to the closest CVS (in Holly) but it is worth the trip.

I hope I get to the point that I can post EXactly what I am going to buy and stuff in a way everyone can understand so you guys can do it too and not have to think about it too much :)

one thing you kinda have to do is buy the sunday paper. here the detroit free press is only $1 and it has all the coupons I want :)

gram said...

I talked to Vicki today and she made her trip to CVS today. Vicki also ordered the Sunday paper to be delivered to her house so she could save money.