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Monday, July 7, 2008

Money Monday

I read on the internet that on Saturday, July 5th Home Depot was hosting a workshop for kids where they would get to make a bird house for free!  We decided to take Kobe to go do it and it was so much fun :)  I would have gone just to get the mini Home Depot apron that the kids got to take home-it is so cute!
While I was there I found out that Home Depot does this every first Saturday of the month (for free) and has a different project every month.  Really fun and Kobe is excited to go back next month!

I hit a great sale at Walgreens this week!  I got everything in this picture for $20.80!
(and yes, there are a total of 9 pkgs of diapers in this picture-whether you can see them or not-and I don't have any kids in diapers but my sister does and so do a couple girl friends of mine that are going to have their second baby soon).
I ended up getting each pkg of diapers for around $1.73, isn't that great :)  and between coupons-sales-and Extra Care points I only pd $20.80 for ALL of this pile!  I love it!
What I normally would have paid:
9 pkg of diapers - $5.99 ea on sale
1 gallon of milk-$3
1/2 Gal of Choc Milk-$2
2 Boxes of kleenex-$4
1 mascara (it is behind the cheeses)-$8
case of waters-$5
3 cans of pringles-$4.50
2 pkgs cotton swabs-$6
string cheese-$3
2 pkgs sliced cheese-$5
1 pkg shredded cheese- $2.17
2 fly swatters-$2
for a normal total of $95.58
I paid $20.80!
ha haha haha ha!  I love it, well worth the hassle.  It was lunch time at CVS too so there were about 5 people waiting in line with only a couple items and I was a good person and let them ALL go in line in front of me because I had to do this in 4 different transactions to get this price.  I has two sweet older ladies waiting on me and they enjoyed seeing me get it so I didn't have to pay too much.


Vicki Aeschliman said...

That is so cool Leah! I love to see what you get.

Leah Wentzel said...

lol, you mean what Amanda gets :)

lots of those diapers are going to her for her shower!

Lindsay said...

We were at Home Depot last night and the guy that does the crafts was talking to Elle saying "next year you can come do crafts with me" lol! I thought it was nice.

Looks like you guys had a great
4th! Cute pictures of David and Kobe!

Alyssa said...

I love that Home Depot does that! Chris wants to do that with Kendra sometime. Saturdays are usually hard days for us right now though. Pretty soon, we will have them open again, maybe:).

You crack me up with your deals! That is great! I love good deals too. My friend really gets into it just like you do too. She has less time to do it now though because she just had another baby.:)

Love you, Leah!

Vicki Aeschliman said...

That is so great. I'm going to have to take lessons from you. I think I'g getting real interested in how you do it.

gram said...

Wow you are a good bargan hunter. Needless to say I love bargans.

gram said...

I think it is so neat for Kobe to build something. He looks so happy and proud. That is a great idea and will provide him with something he can use all of his life.

Shelly Marie said...

I wish we could of been there too, but we had a little bet going on!!! =) I am glad he had a great time!!! Let me know when you guys go again and maybe we acan make it. =)

I just love getting bargans. I will have to post what I just got on Sunday. I got a whole bag of stuff all for $.25 cents. Jason was so excited!!! =) lol