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Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Chris!

I bet you didn't know when this picture was going to come back to haunt you :)

We hope you have a wonderful birthday!  Love, Ben, Leah & Kobe


On Tuesday Cindy, Shelly & I took the kids in to Vicki's to play at the pool!  They had a blast (when they weren't fighting-weird day for them) and that is also when I gave myself this retched sun burn (which is getting better).
I MEANT to take pictures of the kids in the pool, but ended up IN the pool so no pictures.  After they got out they discovered Caleb's play room and I did get a shot or two of that :)

Thanks Aunt Vicki for the fun day! 

Yesterday I had a Mom who wanted me to take Senior Pictures of her son.  Normally I take Senior pictures on Saturdays when Ben gets home from work or Sundays so I don't have to get a babysitter for 45 minutes :)
This Mom wanted to do them on Thursday and I said I would as long as she didn't mind my son coming with me.  He has come with me once before and he is very good for me.  I cannot tell you what an amazing gift it is to have a little one that understand Mommy has to work and HE has to be good.  He is so good :)  
Anyway, Kobe went with me and did really good. 
Trying to find some shade so he could actually SEE the screen on his PSP.
I did get some good shots of the Senior in between shots of Kobe :)

After we were finished with the photo shoot we went to see Indiana Jones!  Yesterday was SO hot and muggy it was not the funnest day to shoot outside while you have a sunburn so the cold theater was a great place to cool down and Kobe loved it.  He really liked the movie.  The first game Ben bought him for his PSP was the newest Indian Jones Lego Game so Kobe got to see all the "levels" he had been playing.  For a minuted I just stared at him while he was watching the movie with a grin on his beautiful face.  I love it :)


Vicki Aeschliman said...

you are such a good mom! Caleb is watching Lilo and Stitch right now. We went to Panera for lunch and Kohl's so of course he got a new car and I even found one of those match the shape cubes. He loves it and does pretty good with it. He has bronchitis so we are just hanging low today.

cindy said...

Happy Birthday Chris!!! Hope that you had a great day. Love you lots!

I wish when you have photo shoots that Kobe could come over and play. Your photos are wonderful.

Vicki we will be praying for Caleb to get better quick, I hate to see the little ones sick. Love you.

Alyssa said...

LOL That picture is great! I remember that one. What a riot! I will show him when he gets home.
Great pictures of the senior the other day too. I am so glad Kobe is so good for you. What a blessing good kids are. Praise God!!
I know exactly what you mean too when you just looked at him for a bit. I do the same thing to Kendra and Chris, and Chris thinks I am so weird:). I love my family too, and cherish those moments. We blink and they are grown.

Love you!!!

gram said...


Shelly Marie said...

I LOVE that picture of Chris!! Hope you have grat day!!!