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Thursday, July 19, 2007

This is a little hum-drum...

I cleaned today! Everything is so nice and neat! I love it. My friend Karen came over this evening (hence me cleaning) and she wanted to have me tell her all about my business and how to do it herself. She just moved down to florida and thinks she would like to do what I do. Karen is one of those wonderful people that is always excited to see you and gives you a big hug. She has such a great personality.

This is the icecream Kobe decided Rupert needed I guess...found it out on the floor of the kitchen when I walked out to take pictures of Kobe.

Rupert has been laying around so nicely this evening I thought I would snap some pictures in hopes of getting a half way decent picture but as soon as I get down to his level he gets up and walks over and tries to lay as close to me as possible! He is such a cuddler!

I walked out to the family room & snapped some pictures of Kobe. He started turning a diffrent way after each picture I took and posing and I didn't say one word!


Wentzel Weekly said...

cute pics of Kobe:)!

Lindsay said...

The house looks great... you guys look great too! Kobe is to funny - Rupert must love kobe giving him special treats! LOL