"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another Story Telling Time...

When Ben & I first moved out to Wixom I had such a great time "decorating" our new apartment. We didn't have much, everything was hand-me-down furniture from Ben's parents & stuff we had gotten from garage sales. Anyway, we had our little 13' tv on a coffee table that I had bought at a garage sale and for a while I love it :)

After a couple months I would look at the TV on the coffee table and think "I really wish I had a real entertainment center." Now we had no money so I new we weren't going to buy one so I just shrugged it off. One day I went into work and my boss came up to me and asked "do you want an entertainment center?" I think I must have looked at him like he had read my mind and after I picked my jaw up off the floor I told him yes, I had been wanting one. He said his parents had just got a new one and were getting rid of their old one. So. later that week we drove over to get it. Because I was pregnant Ben carried this huge piece of furniture up 3 flights of stairs all by himself. (I got such a kick out of seeing how strong he is :) ).

Anyway, we got it up to our apartment & the TV fit in it perfectly and it was the most beautiful piece of furniture I had ever seen. My point in telling this story is that every time I looked at that piece of furniture it would always remind me that God heard me think about wanting a entertainment center and gave one to me. It was this wonderful present that He had given me directly. Ever time I ever think about it I still get the biggest smile inside me remembering how God wanted me to have that even though we couldn't afford it.

Now, the reason I have the picture of what is on my mantle posted with this is because the same thing happened again this weekend. I have for the past few days thought about how bare the mantle was and wanted something to put on it. I didn't really have anything I wanted to use and I didn't feel like going out and buying anything and then I go over to Cindy's house and Jim Queen brings over all this stuff that no one wants. Crack me up, God has such a comedic, loving , giving personality. So, I took it home, played around with it and bought $5 worth of stuff to go with it on the mantle and I love it. It just made me remember how much God cares about the little things like that. He really wants us to see how much He loves us. He does it, we just need to see it.


Leah Wentzel said...

LOL, oh, you guys are going to think I am making things up, but I promise you, God is just really this good.

Ben has been wanting one of those wireless ear mic's for his phone, he was thinking about buying one but hasn't. What did he find today? A ear piece the same color and make of his phone, he charged it and it works perfectly with his phone.

And just so we are clear, he "found it" in a desk of one of the guys who just quit. This guy had a whole draw of things he had found in cars that had been traded in and he took everything he wanted and left the rest.

So, funny, I said God has a comedic, loving, giving personality-He does doesn't He :)

Wentzel Weekly said...

Yes, He is so good to us! Even the little things:). He loves to bless His children. I could write so many posts telling of God's goodness like that:). I tell everyone God hand picked our couches, fridge, microwave, dishwasher etc. in our house now b/c I found it all on craigslist for so cheap.
And honestly, everything matched more perfectly than I even expected!

What a Great God! Thanks for sharing that story. I love reading how God blesses you guys. Praise to God!!

cindy said...

I loved seeing your face when I pulled out the glass stuff, it had your name written all over it! God is amazing, kinda like Pastor Jims message about playing catch with God...throw it to him and he throws it back bigger and better! I love you!

Wentzel Weekly said...

I always loved that message of Pastor Jims!:) The hard part is the first throw:)!

cindy said...

Your right!

Vicki Aeschliman said...

I just love reading your conversations. Do you ever talk on the phone? Cindy if you see this I will call you tomorrow with the results of Todd's dr appt. Good news! I'm just so tired after today I don't want to talk on the phone.

cindy said...

No problem pooh, I understand. I love you so much and am praying for your breathing. I know God already has answered our prayers for Todd, now we wait and see what they are.
Love you,