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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Amanda & Todd's Wedding

Amanda & Todd had one of my top favorite weddings. I loved it because it was all about two people getting married because they were SO in love and just wanted to be with each other. They didn't neccessarily over think the wedding or reception plans, they just wanted start their life together so badly and I love that (partly because I can relate to it :) )
My favorite part is when they kissed-and kept kissing-and then kissed again! So cute and SO them :)


Alyssa said...

That was fun to watch that footage again today:)! Did Chris do some of that? It looked so familiar? I can't even remember him doing their wedding. Did he or did you? LOL I must have had a baby or something:)!
I wish we had our raw footage from our wedding so Chris could play around with it too. Don and Joanne are looking for it.
Anyways, that was fun to watch today. I bet they love that!

Leah Wentzel said...

Chris took all the footage and he even made a highlight video out of it. This isn't a new video, it is the orignial one I made them. I found a copy of it and thought I would post it.

Alyssa said...

Cool! I didn't remember him filming, but asked him, and then I remembered that he and Ben filmed:). Don't know where my memory is anymore:).

Unknown said...

verry nice,bravo.y am from Romania
and y love your style

Unknown said...

verry nice

Unknown said...

y am from Romania and y love wedding