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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

This post is definately dedicated to G'ma Corey

Today, out of No Where Kobe told me "Grandma Corey Wentzel's husband died". Now, I was driving and we had not mentioned anything about this topic lately so I was surprised to here him spout that off & was laughing a little about hearing him call Grandma Corey "Grandma Corey Wentzel". So I said, "Yes he did. Back when you were very little. But, you know what is neat? He got to hold you." "I don't remember that", Kobe said. "Yep, he did. And he even picked out an outfit for you. It was yellow and blue striped and you used to wear it a lot". After that the conversation kinda fiizzed out. As I continued driving I thought about what a fabulous GIFT Kobe was to Grandpa Corey and Grandpa Wentzel. He was the only grandchild (at least from the immediate family) that they got to meet. I think God had Kobe come at the time he did for more reasons than anyone could ever really list and what a blessing and a healing thing he was to so many.

After Elle was born I took some of the pictures that Alyssa sent and printed them off and sent them off to Grandma Ghent. I didn't know when Grandma Corey was supposed to go up there and, Lindsay & Matt, grandma was SO excited to see Elle, or "that little baby"as I have heard her call her a few times now. Grandma loves all the kids so much and Grandparents really get SO much joy from seeing new babies being born and being able to spend any time they can with them.

I know Grandma enjoyed seeing the photos (Thank you SO much Alyssa for FAITHFULLY posting pictures for all of us who wanted to be there so badly but could not, you really did something for all of us that we cherish) and I know Grandma would LOVE to see more pictures of ALL the Grandkids when ever you parents get them (hint hint :) )
Our children are such treasures to us, but remember that they mean SO much to other people to, even if they don't live close by.

*The reason this posted is dedicated to Grandma Corey is because she told me she checks this every morning and when I haven't posted anything she curses me :) j/k

Love you Gram



Vicki Aeschliman said...

she is not the only one that checks your site daily. I can't go a day without checking it out. I love it!

Wentzel Weekly said...

Wow! That made me tear up this morning. Thanks for sharing that Leah! Children are definitely a blessing from the Lord!
Miss you guys! Have a great day. Love you all!

Vicki Aeschliman said...

Leah: How beautiful!!!! I loved it!!! Grandpa was so proud to be a great grandpa. Grandpa would so enjoy the little ones. Thank you so much.

Vicki Aeschliman said...

Actually it was Gram that wrote the last comment on Vicki's computer. Love you Gram

Leah Wentzel said...

Hi Vicki!

I know you do too :) I get such a kick out of your comment. I love hearing from you and everyone else almost daily. It is awesome.

Hi Gram,
I could tell it was you :)
I know he loved Kobe, that is so precious to me. I am so thankful God blessed us all by letting Grandpa meet one of the Great Grand babies before he had to leave us.

cindy said...

Well now that the computer problem seems to be fixed I am back on line :) I just love that picture and dad did love kobe so much. He would have loved all the grandchildren so much. BUt I know he knows all about them cause I ask the Lord to tell him all the time! Thank you Leah and Lindsay and Alyssa for all your hard work doing the blogs. We all enjoy them so much!