"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Friday, July 20, 2007

Who would have thought...

So today was the second time I have met a business owner out in California (via email) because of my business dealings. The first time I had this happen I had a client whose Aunt passed away and the funeral was going to be in California, long story short, my client gave me the wrong address to overnight the video to & I ended up dealing with a business out there to burn my video for her to DVD out there. It was SO hilarious talking to him because his accent was such that you would have assumed he had just got done surfing and ran right into the office to take my call. Funny.

So this morning a got an email for a wedding video company out in California who said they ran across my DM Wedding Productions Blog and loved my demos and wanted to chat about how I edit certain things. So hilarious how by putting yourself out on the net you meet people you NEVER would have other wise. I love to check out other videographers & photographers BLOGS. I have two inpaticular that I check out almost every day. Me Ra Koh (a photographer) and CinematicBride (a videographer). It has been so neat to see these people over the past year develope their businesses and branch off into new areas. It is very inspiring to say the least.