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Monday, May 19, 2008

SSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO Over indulged....

I have had quite a few people ask me what Kobe would like and because he has so many of what he would want, I thought I would give you some ideas of what he has and does not have.  I am a very visual person, so I need pictures :)

Here is a shot of Kobe's newest obsession.  Neo Shifters.  He has one so far, an orange one, I also bought him the green one in the large size and a red one in the little size (the next picture)

He also has a thing for Star Wars still and told me he would like stuff like this too.  He loves legos...

Bionicals are still a favorite...he has SO many of them, here are some that he doesn't have...

oops, out of order~!

He would absolutely LOVE to get any of these, he is very excited!  He also wants Pokemon cards :P a phase we hope soon passes, he is into them because of Griffin, but that would excite him too to get, they are between $4 and $25 depending on the size of the pkg.

Anything you all get him would be great, he is just a little obsessed....


Alyssa said...

I am so glad you did that for us, Leah. I was just talking to Chris about what we were going to get him for his birthday. That helps. Thanks.
When is his party date again?

Shelly Marie said...

Thanks for posting this!! At least it gives us some ideas of what to get him!!!! =)

Leah Wentzel said...

His party is the 26th, Memorial Day :)

Alyssa said...

Okay, I guess Chris talked to mom about us just sending Kobe's present back with them. Is that okay? Let us know what he gets so we don't get the same thing, or maybe we should just send a gift card from Toys r Us?? does he love those yet, or would he rather a gift??

Leah Wentzel said...

You guys can do whatever works for you, he gets so much stuff he doesn't care :)

I am sending Kendra's b-day present down with cindy & mark too so kendra will have lots of presents when mark and cindy arrive :)