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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Alyssa said...

Bone Marrow is very painful to donate. I had a friend who did so. But, it is well worth it. Thanks for posting that video today, Leah! Lets make a difference. What are we here for? To make a difference for eternity! I needed that today. Thanks.
Where did you find that? I know my girlfriend out here was telling me about a concert she just went to where they really pushed this as well.

Love you!

Lindsay said...

That is a touching video!

cindy said...

My girlfriend Pam Arnold is a cancer survivor because of a bone marrow donator. Actually now all you have to do is have your cheek swabbed and send it in and they now don't have to go into the bone marrow they do it all by IV. They just take the stem cells and return your blood to you. It is amazing how far medicine has come. Right now it is free to become a donor, they will send the swab kit to you and you send it back and you are on the national reg. Here is the web address.
Love you all,
PS Pam just celebrated her 3rd cancer free birthday!

Leah Wentzel said...

Alyssa, you should recognize the video/editing style :) Josh Smith.

You know what, did they have a bone marrow drive for Pam a few years ago Cindy? They had one for someone at the church. Anyway, that is where I went to volunteer to be a donor and they swabbed my cheek. I was SO thankful to hear they extract the marrow differently now, I was scared of they way they used to!

cindy said...

You are right, that was Pams bone marrow drive. I am so glad you did that. It is the National Bone Marrow Drive right now that is why you are hearing so much about it.
I love you,

gram said...

That is great! I did not know they have such an easy way to see if you can donate.