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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pre-Graduation Ceremony

I get such a kick out of seeing Kobe interact with his classmates (well, some of them :D) and I love watching him with the girls.  Some of the girls, well, most of the girls in Kobe's class are super girly girls.  They will be cheerleaders-you can just see it  :)
One of the girliest of the girls is this little blonde Micayla.  (I'm not sure how to spell that name!)  She decided to buddy up to Kobe that night and even kissed him!  I guess Kobe was trying out his flirting techniques in these pictures.  Let's see how it went.

"Look, I can punch my hand really hard!"
"Impressive isn't it"
"Awe, but see, I am very cute when I smile"
"Yes, you should cower in fear of my gigantic muscles"
"I am very strong-I could protect you from things"
"Oh, you pretending to be scared of me is so funny and cute"
"See, I am too cool to care about what you are saying-you like that don't you"
"What?  You want to kiss me?  I don't know..."
"Oh, you just want to touch my face for no reason.  OK"
"OK are you done now creepy bigger girl?"
"Hello, your blonde hair has distracted me"
"Oh wait-I am still a 5 (soon to be 6)year old, I will make faces at you to show you affection"
"What was that?  your not scared of me...see this face?  You should be scared!"
"Oh wait, no, I am still cute and adorable...have I won you over with my dimples yet or what?"
"Great-Mom has been taking my picture this whole time and this is going on her stupid blog, I just know it.  She needs to get a life!"


Alyssa said...

Oh, my...that is hilarious, Leah!

Ben said...

Some day he will take pictures of you and put them on his own blog. Then you will be sorry! :) I love you!

cindy said...

That will be a funny day when Kobe does it to you guys. Well the wedding went great and very special. Well I am going to put my feet up.
Love you bunches,

Vicki Aeschliman said...

you are too creative! thanks for making my morning.

gram said...

Love the pictures of Kobe with his cute little friend. I think my great grandson is a flirt already. I am sure many more girls will like him.

Lindsey said...

How Great! I hope Amanda does that to Caleb someday...hahahaha