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Friday, May 9, 2008

Who doesn't put their babies in baskets?

Bobbie and I had such a good time shooting pictures of the kids.  After our experience with David's first photo shoot at Walmart, I think we may never go back to a studio.  It is so much easier to do it at home!  The kids are comfortable and can take a break when they want to, so much less stress, I love that.

When I took David out side and plopped him in a basket Bobbie and I both laughed at the sight of David in my big yard and him in a little basket.  Like that is what we do with our kids naturally  :) 

This picture cracked me up, especially when Bobbie said, "look at his crazy forehead fat going on!"  She has a way with words doesn't she.

I think it is really cute.  Yesterday I went in to see my Dad for his birthday, the big 5-7  :)  David was so funny, he is so wiggly.  I was giving him big theatrical kisses on the cheek and he caught on and started to give them back, to me, but wouldn't do it for his mom haha  :)
Then we had a hilarious game of peak-a-boo which he got really into and laughed his little head off about.  He is SOOO close to crawling, he is "creeping" right now.  He gets up on his hands and knees and tries to move forward but doesn't have it quite yet.
He is getting good at imitating things, it is cute to see them learn.  


Lindsay said...

LOL! Your sister is funny! What a cute picture of David! Elle is got herself up on her knees yesterday for the first time and she will move her hands, but not her legs. :)

Can you e-mail me your sister's address? I wanted to send them an invite to Elle's B-day party!