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Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Card Photos - blooper addition

The other night I ran over to my sister's house to snap some pictures of her and her family for her Christmas cards. I love trying to get a good shot of more than one kid because it can be really easy, really hard, or anything in between! We were lucky enough to get one GREAT shot of the whole family which is not posted here (I didn't want to ruin their Christmas cards by posting it here first) but I thought I would post some of the other hilarious shots we got because they crack me up...and because we are going to try to do ours tonight and I am sure it is going to be a train wreck! :)

This is by far our favorite "terrible" shot of Noah. Is he crying? Is he winking at us like a used car salesman? who knows :)
Way to catch him with his eyes open Leah.
David did GREAT for the first 60 seconds...and then decided he could only smile with his eyes shut.
The more we said "smile" the harder he squeezed his eyes shut.
Nice face David :)
He has the smile down...just not the eyes...
Then he started posing, you know, like kobe does.
And here is Noah trying to lick something...
After we were "done" we tried Noah again.
All these are his expressions as he jabbers "da-da-da-da..."

I did get some cute shots of the kids and one great shot of the whole family. That was the goal anyway right?

Oh, just wait until I post bloopers of our session. I can just see it now, me "telling" the kids to smile-hold still-don't move-look at the camera-stop touching each other-look AT the camera-don't stick your tongue out..."

Can't wait *sigh*



Alyssa said...

How funny :) We had our photo session yesterday :) We have learned to just let them play and do their own thing. Then we get lucky to get a few good shots. :)


those boys are cuties :) it's like a comedy of errors trying to get both my boys to smile and look at the camera at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Love the smiling with his eyes shut! Lol!

Shelly Marie said...

lol...So funny, but yet soooo cute!!! =)

gram said...

:) I bet you had a lot of laughs taking their pictures.

Always Faith said...

lol...can't wait to see your bloopers. I need to get my camera set up and do our family, too....thanks for the reminder. lol!