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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Field trip!

Tuesday Kobe's class went to the planetarium :)

I managed to squeeze 3 six year olds WITH booster seats into my car.  NOT an easy feat!  I am excited to get a car with 5 seats in the back once this lease is up.  And I HOPE it is NOT a mini van.  I am only 25, 25 yr olds don't drive mini vans-if we can help it!

Anyway, the best part of the trip was when I got lost on the way to the planetarium, which is at the most 10 minutes from the school.  I got SO lost that I had to call the school and ask them for the address and then type it into my GPS.  I was less than one mile from the planetarium when I called.  It is really cool to be the parent that got lost on the way and held up the whole group :)


Alyssa said...

I LOVE the planetarium! How fun! I enjoyed taking my classes there so much:). Did you get sick at the end? :)

I bet Kobe loved that! It is kind of confusing to find though, so don't feel bad:). I got lost there the first time I went too:) LOL

And I would LOVE a mini van. Does that make me old?? You don't have to answer that:)...
Love you!

Lauren said...

I love going there! took michael when he was 3 to a dino thing they had going on up there! i went with girl scouts twice too! glad you had fun!

gram said...

GPS are great! I am sure Kobe had a great time and was proud to have his mommy there.

Vicki Aeschliman said...

I love mini vans. I sure do miss mine!

cindy said...

I love mini vans I think I have had 4! Oh well I am a grandma ;0

Lindsay said...

How fun! I always loved field trips, just to get out of class! :)

And if you get a mini van.... i might make fun of you :P