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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Friday Night

Friday nights are apparently very exciting around our house :) Ben was out watching 2 men pummel each other so the kids and I decided to make Christmas ornaments. I have been cleaning the basement and organizing it and I can across this craft I had prepared for Kobe's 1st grade Christmas party that didn't happen do to TONS of snow and no school right before Christmas break. So, since Christmas will be here before we know it, we broke it out and let the kids go nuts:
And I'll tell you how easy it was to make these yourself.

1. I went out and bought a bunch of popsicle sticks and hot glued 4 of them together in the shape of a snow flake.
2. Then I took wire and cut it and twisted it into a loop and then hot glued that onto the top of the snow flake.
For the kids I decided to do this on paper plates.
3. We took liquid glue and drew lines down all the sides of the snow flake.
Kobe could do this himself, Savannah could not, well, maybe she could have but I didn't let her.

4. I did let her take the Q-tip and smear the glue around so it covered the entire front of the sticks. I helped and did this to the entire front of the ornament.

5. Then I had the kids drop sequin sparkles onto the glue.
6. Then they took white sparkles in a shaker and shook them all over the front of the ornament.

The finished product looks nice and sparkly in person and was easy enough to make with the kids, even a two year old.


VELVET said...

those are so cute! i am totally stealing this idea :)

gram said...

How cute! :) Looks like the kids were having fun.

Shelly Marie said...

Cute Idea!! We should try and do that together!! We did paint some ornaments for this year and she really loved that!! =) Hobby Lobby has some great stuff for Christmas crafts!!

Alyssa said...

How fun! We love craft time here in our house too! It is so good to do that with them :)
Kendra is painting Christmas things right now. She would've loved making those with your kids too. Good job! They are so cute :)

Ben said...

The funniest part was watching Kobe and Savannah run aroun throwing them like they were Ninja Throwing Stars. Bye the way, I wasn't just watching two guys pumeling each other, I was at an MMA Match @ Meadowbrook. It was pretty cool. Love you guys! BEN

Leah W said...

thanks for clearing that up ben :)

Ben said...


cindy said...

I love crafts love you