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Monday, August 6, 2007

it is getting there!

Kobe playing his new Transformers video game (he loves it)

Don't worry though, Grandma Wentzel has been keeping him busy while Ben and I have been working so that he didn't just sit and play video games all day!

Ben worked SO hard these past 4 days and is SO close to being done! He still has to piece in some of the tile & the grout and then our beautiful new floor will be done! It looks amazing! I am excited to paint the kitchen now, but that is going to wait for a another month or so after the tile. I can only take so much construction at a time!


Alyssa said...

That is great! Good job, Ben, and Dad!
What color are you painting your kitchen?

Leah Wentzel said...

the kitchen is going to be the same color as the top half of the formal dining room and the cabinets are going to be bright white. (once I do that I know I will be obsessed with getting new appliances!) but for now we are taking one thing at a time. tiling around 300 square feet is alot!

Alyssa said...

That will be nice! I know what you mean...one thing at a time. It all is so expensive at once. We finally got a new chandelier for over our table yesterday! I love it! I will have to post pictures. Chris put in a new faucet for our kitchen too. We desperately needed a new one.
Have a great day!
Love you guys!