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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


My Dress for Kristy's Wedding, Steamed and ready for Saturday!!!

Our Beautiful New Tile Floor!!! Thank you Ben and Mark, you two are amazing!


Lindsay said...

Your dress is just beautiful! I love that new style -its really cute!
The floor turned out great! Can't wait till we do ours- I want to put some money away first we are finally getting ahead ya know?!?

Lindsay said...

Oh yeah... LOVE YA!

Leah Wentzel said...

oh yes, i know what you mean :)

we waited so long to buy a house because we wanted to have a rainy day fund and we have never regretted it. now we have SO many projects we want to do but are taking them one at a time because they are all major projects!

the tile floor cost about $900 - $1000 all together! $350 of that was on a gift card but still, you don't realize how much it takes to do the job right until you tear into it and see what you have to work with...that is the great thing about old houses right :) lol

love you

Alyssa said...

Both are beautiful...great job!! I love it:)! Have fun at the wedding.
We love you!

Paula said...

Your floor looks great!

Love you guys, Paula

Shelly Marie said...

I love the color of the dress and the style!!!

The tile looks great!! Can't wait to see it!!
When Brook gets feeling better we will be over to see how it looks!! =)