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Thursday, August 9, 2007

this is the best we could do

Here is the giant slug Kobe and I found...gross...but Kobe loved it. He carried it around in his tupperwear for quite a while, then we put it back where we found it. While Kobe was carrying around the slug I was picking up around 25 piles of our neighbors dog poop. Wonderful. I put it all in a big pile on the corner of their lot. I went over to speak with them, but they were not home. So, I guess that will have to wait.

*photo taken by Kobe Wentzel


Alyssa said...

Kendra would have loved that too:)! That is not fun about your poopie clean up...yuck! Why is it in your yard? I am sure that is what you are planning on talking to them about. I hate stuff like that!
Good luck!

Leah Wentzel said...

they are great neighbors, both sides of us. older, mature couples whose homes are extremely well taken care of and they are nice. Just the one neighbor has 2 beautiful golden labs who are used to our house being empty so they got used to wondering over when ever they want to :)

Yes, I am going to talk to them and see if there is a way to keep that from happening or if they want the dogs can do that if they don't mind coming over and picking it up

Wentzel Weekly said...

Gotcha! I am glad they are easy to talk to for you though. They should definitely be picking up their own dog's doo doo:)!!