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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Last night I saw this list of questions on someone else's blog and I cracked up at some of their kid's answers.  I thought I would try it out on Kobe and see what we got.  Towards the end he just started being dumb because Ben and I kept laughing at everything he said because it was so weird and you could tell me didn't fully understand the questions!

So here we go!

What is something your mom always says to you?

Mom: Eat all you food and clean up your room

yup-that is all I say ;)

What makes your mom/dad sad?

Mom: If I tell a lie and I do bad stuff

Dad: Calling him names like coo coo head and poo poo head

By the time I asked Kobe this question about Ben he was a little slap happy-can you tell?

What makes your mom/dad Happy?

Mom: If I tell the truth and if I get good grades.

Dad: If I clean up my room

Can you tell I emphasize truth around here? I was NOT a fan of the lying stage!

What makes your mom/dad Laugh?

Mom: Tell jokes and tickle her

Kobe doesn't tell jokes so I don't know where that came from :)

What was your mom/dad like as a child?

Mom: Chicken pox

Dad: He liked basketball, he, ummm looked like a teenager?

Apparently I am defined by the fact that I had chicken pox while I was little :)

How old is you mom/dad?

Mom: 25

Dad: 29 1/2

I love love love that Kobe added the 1/2 to Ben's age-too funny!

How tall is your mom/dad?

Mom: About 6 feet? 4 feet 9?

Dad: 14 ft

Apparently Kobe doesn't have much of a concept of height :)

What is mom/dad's favorite thing to do?

Mom: Play with me and clean up my room

Dad: Play basket ball

You should have SEEN the devious smile on that child's face when he added "and clean my room" as part of what I like to do!

What does mom/dad do when your not around?

Mom: Cleans up and goes to the store

Dad: Goes and buy a new watch

Ben and I both cracked up when Kobe said this about Ben buying watches!

What is mom/dad really good at?

Mom: Driving a car

Dad: Playing bball

Apparently Kobe doesn't remember my car accident-the only car accident he has ever been in.

What is mom/dad not good at?

Mom: Riding a bike

Dad: Playing football

Kobe has never seen me ride a bike OR seen Ben play football.

What is mom/dad's Job?

Mom: Makes videos

Dad: Sells cars

Right on the money :)

What is mom/dad's favorite food?

Mom: Salad

Dad: buritto

Kobe was right about the salad, but burritos for Ben?

What makes you proud of your mom/dad?

Mom: If she gets a thousand bucks. Or two hundered.

Dad: When he’s good at bball

lol, about "if she gets a thousand bucks"-where do I get that?

If your mom/dad was a Cartoon character who would they be?

Mom: Mickey Mouse

Dad: Squidward, Patrick

Can you tell we have been talking about Disney a lot!?? He also thought it was HILarious to say Dad was Patrick!

What do you and mom/dad do together?

Mom: Go places
Dad: Play video games, play basketball

Totally true

How are you the same as mom/dad?

Mom: we both have a bedroom

Dad: our same faces, because were both white, long eye lashes & teeth

Apparently we have a lot in common?

What is Different about you and mom/dad?

Mom: Our hair
Dad: Our eyes

Right to the point.

How do you know mom/dad love you?

Mom: Because she has jesus in her heart and when she buy me toys
Dad: He tells me

I was wondering who was going to get credited with the "when they buy me toys" answer, I guess that's me!

What is mom/dad's favorite place to go?

Mom: Sophia's
Dad: Sophia’s

Sophia's is a restarant that we used to go to about a year ago all the time. We haven't been there in quite a while now, but since he mentioned it....


cindy said...

That is so cute! He was pretty on the money. We are looking forward to having the kids this weekend, we are going to see the new movie by dream works Monsters vs aliens. It is in 3d so it should be fun.
Love you lots,

Leah Wentzel said...

I am sure that the kids will LOVE that! thank you for watching him for us and making his day with you so much fun!

Vicki Aeschliman said...

This is great!

gram said...

That is so cute.

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Always Faith said...

great interview...i can't wait til my kids get a little older and make a little more sense with those answers...haha. =)