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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Not me! Mon...er Wednesday"

Every once in a while, because it is cheaper than therapy, I have to share, in a very sarcastic way, things that have happened to me.  So here we go, with the coupon addition of Not Me!  Monday-on Wednesday.

I most certainly have not been to Kroger twice, Walmart twice AND Walgreens twice since Sunday.  I must have better things to do with my time than that.

I definitely did not drop a coupon in Kroger this morning, go through the check out without it, then go back and search for it, and miraculously find it, and then go to the service desk and have them apply it towards my receipt I had from the check out.  I would never do that.  (was saving $2 really worth it?)

No, today I did not have a (I am trying to look for the politically correct term here) male cashier with some physical handicaps make fun of me for using so many coupons.  No, not me!

I hope you enjoyed this addition of Not me Monday-on Wednesday!


spng7 said...

Doesn't sound like anyone I know :)

Always Faith said...

these not me things are fun...but my monday posts are usually already pretty full...maybe I should start doing the not me monday on wednesdays...LOL!

and yours was funny...i can't believe you actually found the dropped coupon and then had it applied to the receipt...oh wait...you DIDN'T...my bad. LOL! hahaha

gram said...

I think I know what person.

Vicki Aeschliman said...

Wait till you have 4 kids leah and you have to drag them out of the car in the rain or go through the store looking for you coupon. Enjoy it while you can do all that without any kids yelling at you. Sat I went to the grocery store in the RAIN with Codie and Caleb. That was not fun and very wet!

Leah Wentzel said...

lol, I think all the time about all the things that I take for granted (like couponing) and how it will all change when I have kids hanging all over me. I will be lucky to even GET to the store!

Lauren said...

I love your crazy couponing!!!