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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cross Road Village

Sunday we ended up having the perfect weather to go let the kids trick or treat at Cross Roads Village. The kids were very excited, most of all about riding on the train!

Kobe was "Storm Shadow" from the GI Joe movie.

We took the kids on the carousel and I had never been on it before be I road on it for Savannah...well, let me just tell you that thing is FAST and scary. I can see why the kids loved it!

At the end of our time there we road the train. S had been talking about it for days. She sat with GG and they would say "choo choo" when ever the train did. She really liked it. That, and her candy :)

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Lindsay said...

Great pictures!! I have been waiting to see them! Cute costumes too!

Shelly Marie said...

We did have a great time!! =)

gram said...

I really enjoyed going and I wish all the great grandchildren could
have been with us. I know they would have loved going there. Love the pictures you posted.

Alyssa said...

Gorgeous necklace :)

Glad you all had such great weather to enjoy the day together. How fun!